Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1st day of wrk

ok this is gonna be a pretty short post witout pics so bear wit me....i started my job wit coca-cola today and everything went fairly well, it was a lil diff from Mezz in dat it seemed more proffessional wit less ppl...break only included like 3 other ppl all who would talk but also secluded....unlike Mezzetta where ppl were like familey and u greeted each other in dat Mezzetta actually got dat familey crap in my head lol,..nw ays it all wrked out just a lil messy..pretty much went home wearing the tea Arizona Mucho Mango all over me...guess i should have thought to bring a change of clothes..oh wells...well we'll see how dis week goes, and bout two more weeks for da next big wat could dat be?