Friday, June 26, 2009

Anime Pic of the Week!

OMG! I cheated! I'm sooo sorryyy. I give in! I plead guilty! What's my 5th right!!?? I went to 4chan! for these! *cry*

Well yeah I did go to 4chan with these. I haven't been to active over the net this last week, surprisingly. Probably cuz when I'm at my dad's I tend to watch movies the whole time. Well this week I happened to find that horror channel, so that's all I have been watching. Like tonight, they have a stephen king movie called the girl next door.. looks trippy, and stephen king always has some great movies.

Well I liked that pic up top, because it was very nicely drawn, and it had this free feeling to it. Makes me want to grab some girl and run to the roof! haha..that sounded so wrong -_-

I wanted to post this, just because it was cute in an anime sense. Plus, I hate spam.

Anime pic of the week also shows up in my blog topics menu now. So for anyone wanting to see just those, can click that link

New WoW Updates

My WoW Main's Profile

New WoW web browser

If you read, you have probably seen these announcements already, but they were just to cool for me not to post something on.

So what do we get when we cross Opera + Elitest Jerks... well we get the world of warcraft internet browser! lol. Now ik that some of you are shaking ur heads, but you have to admit that it would be nice to have all of the best wow tools in one easy to use package...and it's based off of a really good browser! Well on the good browser note, it has mixed reviews. From what I hear, you either love it, or you want to murder it. I am tempted to put this browser on my work computer and use it instead of my google chrome..but then again.. what would be the point of a wow browser at work...when you can't play wow! dilemmas

The second coolest update, is that wowhead has finally release the beta version of the character profiles..and I love it! You not only get to see your character in 3D, but you also get a really detailed breakdown of all your gear and statistics. Like do you know that I am missing 5 enchants, and one gem.. OMFG! I'm letting my team down *cry* *cry!* *sniff* anywayss guess who just called ^_^

btw, feel free to click the link up top to see what wowheads new beta looks like while viewing my character


Alright it's friday! That means there are a few things to post today, such as:
-anime pic of the week
-new updates
-omg new WoW announcements, lol

I'll have two separate posts for WoW announcements and the anime pic of the week.

This post is going to be my pre-weekend post, as normally I never post here during the weekend. I'm always so busy. If I'm not doing anything, I'm making lost time up in WoW, so I hardly check anything else out online. This weekend is going to be pretty basic, I'm still at my dad's taking care of their animals while they are away.. but they should be back tomorrow morning. I think my best day of this weekend will be this sunday, as I have a special thing all planned out.. more information to be posted after the even unfolds. ;)

I'm also in a rental car right now, and will be all weekend. My car is in the shop getting repairs from the wreck I was in last week. To bad I don't have a lambo or really sporty car rental to make a kick ass impression on sunday. I guess the PT Cruiser will have to do.

So to some it all up, this weekend I'm looking forward tooooo:
-Late night convos on the phone
-Making up for lost WoW time

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Comcast to Offer TV on the Internet

We are starting to see more and more tv shows making it to the web legally with commercial advertising. Thanks to hulu for mainly starting that. Well, comcast has partnered with Warner Brothers, and hope to provide the same services come June. The only catch, is that you have to already be paying monthly for your tv service. So mainly this idea is more of a bonus for comcast customers. You can log onto a comcast site from anywhere, and watch your fav. tv show that you may or may not have missed.

I think this is the future of home entertainment. I believe we'll start to see more tv and computers integrated into one, with favorite shows available at anytime you want. Can you imagine pausing the program you are watching on tv, and pulling up the internet to make dinner reservations, all without getting up from the couch. Or maybe you want to chat with friends while browsing for music in your home theater. This is something I know I would set up for myself, but I also see this as something everyone is going to have in the future.... or at least something similar.

Your Right Ear

So we all know that the right side of the human brain controls all of the artsy side of someone. At that, the left side of the brain is the most analytical. So if you want to identify notes better, listen more in your left ear, and vice versa, if you want to make since of someones mumbling, listen with your right ear.

Recent studies show that people are more likely to follow a request if spoken to in their right ear. For example, your at a club and someone asks you for a dance. You are more likely to agree if they speak to you in your left ear that your right.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emblems of Conquest Patch 3.2 Changes

I'm a little late on this topic, but I feel like complaining anyways. For those who don't know, we are gearing up for our next big patch, 3.2. Generally I wouldn't have to much to complain about, because my class will not be seeing any changes. This means no worries on any to be nerf, and I'm frost fire spec, so I push out enough dps. Although I wouldn't mind a little more love to arcane again so I can spec back.

As most know, Blizzard has been gearing WoW towards the more casual player, and moving away from having things totally hardcore. I have been in the game since the early days upon it's release, and I was totally welcome to making it easier for some to see the content with a lesser challenge and lesser gear drops. It allowed experienced players to feel totally epic, and casual players to have a chance to see things. Things have been changing, and slowly the game has become more and more of a casual player experience.

The badge changes coming up, will get rid of the tiered badge system. Now all dungeons...including heroics.. will drop the emblems of conquest. I can see all of the nubs wearing T8.5 gear now, just by farming heroics. I am glad we have the faction specific gear coming out next patch *thumbs crossed for sunreaver looking armor* but I'm going to hate seeing people without the experience flaunting high level gear. This will make pugs totally harder, because you wont be able to judge a person on their gear anymore. I'm a casual player because I have no time between work and school. I'm lucky to be in a guild that is both hardcore and casual. Even though these changes will benefit me extremely, I don't want them.

I miss my noob days, looking at lvl 60 capped players with their high level gear on, thinking that someday I can be there amongst their ranks.

Google Cam Catches Mugger

I'm sure most of you remember the picture of the guy passed out drunk on his front lawn being posted on google street views. Well listen to this story.

A 14 yr old was mugged in the Dutch town of Groningen. The two muggers, twin brothers, stole his cell phone and about 165 euros ($230). The boy filed a report and everything, but all police really had to work with were his descriptions. Later on, that boy found pictures of his two muggers on google street view, that had been taken seconds before they attacked him. The boy gave this info to the cops, whom contacted google for the originals because faces were blurred to protect privacy. The cops did an investigation and one of the muggers broke down and confessed.

So for all of you criminals out there, you better watch it. Google is watching you! XD Wow that sounds sci-fi ish. lol

New Smoking Laws

The tobacco companies have finally lost a little ground recently! Obama has signed a bill that will increase the FDA's power over cigarettes, as well as make public all ingredients put into them. Now you can prove me wrong, but I think all ingredients are public, but maybe they are going to put them on the box or something *shrug*

Part of this bill also bans any candy flavored cig. and also any flavored cig. that may attract new and young smokers. A scary fact, in defense of this, states that 90% of smokers start before the age of 18. Obama also admits to doing the same thing, and how he is currently fighting his own habit. His wife said he had to quit if he was shooting for presidency.

I think this is a step in the right direction, tobacco companies have always been the hardest to get a hold on because they lobby together very well. One thing this bill lacks, is the ban on menthol flavored cigs. but i guess the tobacco companies would really have a problem with that.

Personally, I think they should up the price for a pack to 60 bucks. ^_^ See I don't smoke, but all of those smoking around me doing the damage to my lungs, you can pay a little extra tax for my med bills .. lol

oh and how do you like my pic of the crab double fisting the cigs XD

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog badges how to

For any of you looking to display the code of your blog badge for others to grab; Maxi wrote up a very good tutorial on how to do that. Ik some other people who were asking me how to display it like this, so I know this is already benefiting other people.

Just follow the link below to get to her post.
Maxis Post