Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Google Cam Catches Mugger

I'm sure most of you remember the picture of the guy passed out drunk on his front lawn being posted on google street views. Well listen to this story.

A 14 yr old was mugged in the Dutch town of Groningen. The two muggers, twin brothers, stole his cell phone and about 165 euros ($230). The boy filed a report and everything, but all police really had to work with were his descriptions. Later on, that boy found pictures of his two muggers on google street view, that had been taken seconds before they attacked him. The boy gave this info to the cops, whom contacted google for the originals because faces were blurred to protect privacy. The cops did an investigation and one of the muggers broke down and confessed.

So for all of you criminals out there, you better watch it. Google is watching you! XD Wow that sounds sci-fi ish. lol

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