Friday, July 17, 2009

Anime Update .. Where I'm At

pic is from Blood+

So here's my list of what needs to be finished watching and want to watch.

Currently watching:
Code Geass

Want to watch:
Rosario Vampire Capu 2

BTW, my sis keeps getting on me for not updating on the blood the last vampire movie we saw. My rating of blood, it was freaking awesome! Must see for anyone who has the time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Story of Jowls!

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Click this if the embedded video doesn't work.

This is Jib Jabs new video.

Casting from left to right,

Daniel *brother
Chris * ME!
Ronaldo *best friend

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Joggin

I used to love to run throughout High School, and even through Junior High. I always had a high endurance, and long legs to top it off ;P It's surprising I never joined the track team. I was always keeping up with them in gym class.

But since then, I've lost a lot of that endurance, and now even a mile run seems grueling -_- . Now I'm at a job that is more mentally demanding and no physical work, makes it even worse.

So I've decided to run a mile, or at least close to a mile, every day. My work has gym equipment, and it doesn't take very long to run. I originally planned to do it in the morning before work, but can never drag myself out of bed. So now I'll just do it during my last break. It'll be plenty of time.

for those interested in jogging, you should check this link out

Although damn am I gonna be sore later!!

Top Gun Rouges

I saw this on, and am reposting this, because the video was pretty kick ass. If your a rouge, or just a wow player, you'll love it.

Top Gun Rouges

The videos creator was tired of people mounting up and flying away from combat on PvP servers. So being a rouge, he takes them out mid air. He uses parachute cloak to slow fall after killing his opponent. It's funny to see the opponents dead bodies falling out of the sky, while he's floating down.

Adobe CS4

I actually already have my Adobe CS4, but I just received an email that I think others may be interested in. The email was from Amazon for 80% off of the CS4 student edition. I'm not sure if there is any difference between student and normal, but all of the students out there, that is a great deal! I put a pic of my email below and a link to the site for those who are interested. I can't hurt to look into it if you are interested.

Adobe CS4 Student Edition

Blogger Award

Today, a friend of mine Jenie considered me for a blogging award. I just wanted to say thanks so much for thinking of my blog! :) Now I'm guessing this should be passed on to other people whom I feel do a great job blogging.. so will the real [insert name] please click over and collect your award :)

all of the below are great friends, and bloggers