Sunday, October 15, 2006

update!!! 10/14/06 the title for dis post? dats cuz this is an update that has been needed for hella long..i dunno how long that long ass oly post has been sitting at the dis post wun have photos so bear wit was da day of gamespots after hours in frisco, from 5pm to started off bad cuz ronaldo bailed on us by leaving hella early and not trying very hard to let someone still pissed a lil wit all ways1! moving on...they had demos like battlefield 2142, battlefield 2...a new ddr game and hella other crap...
the day got better when we mean dun get me wrong, it was all good and we enjoyed all da free shit, but after a couple of hours of walking around and waiting in lines to play demos...well me and z decided to go to i must say that the scandia in ronert park is much better den dat in main highlight that i never played and im hella gonna play at another time is....PARA PARA...para para is a dancing game like ddr, but dis time u use ur hands and not ur feet,,it looked hella tight...
the last main highlite is da fact that i wear contacts now!! for all of u dat knw me, that's a weird thing since ive always dissed dem...and for dos dat have know me longer den 6 years....well ur gonna see an old face thats enough for my update...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

keys to my heart

heres wah my latest test says :)

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Lake Solano

Ok wit Oly it's usually hard to find sumthin to do...namely she's very picky i thought it be a good idea to hit the lake wit her and heng out...she's one of dem types that likes to take long walks out in da middle of's me who doesn't when she complains bought her feet wit the hard ass shoes she wears...ok..not totally ways so we went to lake Solano.....figured it would be a good time..and it was...we'll prob head back a lil earlier dis coming weekend, so we can get out in da ne ways heres da pics from our last trip

lol .... pose ...that branch hella looks like it wants to break..

sshhhhhhh!!! im hunting lizards....

pose Oly bad i wasn't fast enough to catch em on camera..

jus an all together nice smile :)

New Deck

my old deck went out on me in my miata, and wouldn't play my discs for me after long consideration...i now have a Dual Deck with da slide out screen with dvd and ipod capability...and a optional GPS....not included :p ....

now you can see dat im watching my all time fav movie..Initial station scene...and before dis..i was blasting Jay Chou who says im not Whi_Asian anymore .. :)

formula D !!!

ok this update is way late..but i jus got my photos back...les jus say that i had to use up all my film and dat took forever....getting back on track, the event was good but a lil smaller den last year...i heard i made it on T.V. star debut..thank u rockstar *da energy drink* ....que mas....... ok les jus show da really wanna type,

oh yeah..models...although my brother had to get the hot one XD ...and da car drifting behind us saying to make it da ultimate to be a lil speck in da BG.

now if i ever get a kid...dats da car seat i'd get sure Z would agree...although Oly and Ronaldo aka DaBrownFisherman....dun seem to understand the importance and sweetness of dat seat like me and Z can...;)

oh yeah....showing off my new razo pedals

and heres da man tarzan himself holding up our flag for da national anthem.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


first lemme say that i have yet to update because all of my photos are on a disposable that has yet to be developed that is sitting in my room....lets just say my digital needs to be ways... i went to the store today to pick up sumthun and thought wah the hell and decided to pick up sum manga .....well the firs one to catch my eye is "shojo beat" and then next to it is the good ol' "shonen jump" my reaction :oh ive never read shojo beat before ,,must be good and bought it." but wah i forgot was that shojo is girl in japanese, and shonen of course im like dah *hand on head ...oh wells got Oly sumthin to look at and practice her english...i tried to read it for the romantic stuff...but it was tooo cutsy for my story was titled sex and i read dat one...but was least the wasn't Yaoui *gay* .

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1st day of wrk

ok this is gonna be a pretty short post witout pics so bear wit me....i started my job wit coca-cola today and everything went fairly well, it was a lil diff from Mezz in dat it seemed more proffessional wit less ppl...break only included like 3 other ppl all who would talk but also secluded....unlike Mezzetta where ppl were like familey and u greeted each other in dat Mezzetta actually got dat familey crap in my head lol,..nw ays it all wrked out just a lil messy..pretty much went home wearing the tea Arizona Mucho Mango all over me...guess i should have thought to bring a change of clothes..oh wells...well we'll see how dis week goes, and bout two more weeks for da next big wat could dat be?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Last Day of Work

Ok as most of you know my last day of work was today and now i'll be moving on to bigger and better things. no more will i go home smelling of chili peppers, now i'll go home wit a sweet sugary smell....big difference, and it pays more too :p ways the day went good, got off wrk early and was paid for eight hours, boss said it was cool for those saying that im ditching my las day, had to sign confidential papers saying that i wont share trade secrets...but for now im offering trade secrets at a special rate of 100 dollars a pop,.....but trust me, u wun get was pretty much a normal day and ppl all day were all asking why im leaving but all agreed when i told dem my reasons for leaving and da plans dat i had...not all dat important cuz i'll still see all dem at companey functions when i go wit Oly, plus the ones that im cool wit have my phone number if dey wan to do ways here's mah photos of my las day at wrk.

dis here is mah grl Jasmin and Alphonso. Alphonso is one of da mechanics at our wrk and he's da one that lined me up wit my new job. Jasmin just always been cool wit me since da beginning.

Firs group photo starting at right we have Morfine *one funny ass dude* , morfines wife, manuel *who i thought would kill to be in dis photo*, chris *da one wit da eclipse*, me!!, Juan, Erika *taught me most my spanish*, and Erica's brother. dey are all cool pals of mine, and dun u jus like how i forgot sum of der names....

next group photo we have the ppl a lil closer to me..well most...we have my GF Oly right in front of me...looking pissed, which she always does witout noticing it, to her right is her cousin Maribel....looking very my right i have Jasmin who flung her arms round me jus to get Oly to join the my left is Maribels aunt, on the far right we have Oly's good friend Blanca and her husband. den down below we have my "kernal" Jesus, who can be very crazy and to hooked on trying to get a GF, but still very kind and funny.

Des here are the guys dat i normally hang wit and sumtimes we'll go to da movies together wit our grls or Frisco or sumthin like far one of da best departments to wrk in cuz never boring....

Here we have one of the million of couples dat wrk at Mezzetta enjoying lunch break together.

Lastly i have a pic of Ro wrking on his puter, i went der after i got off wrk and posted dis cuz i think he said i better not...les see how long till he dis pick i think Ro can be quoted in saying that wire managment is a pain in da true...but he loves it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

my rental car

ok imah bout to go to bed but i had to post bout my rental car. see if u dun know already, my mazda is in da shop getting sum body work dun so right now im driving a dodge magnum...can u say hemi..dat car is so freakin fast ...and only having it for like four days ive aready gotten myself into hella shit wit it..les see firs sum kids tailgated me coming off da highway, made an illegal left turn ...cutting me off...jus so dey wouldn't have to wait behind me. well i had Ro saying burn dem and i wasn't gonna let dem best me like dat, so i pulled up right next to em' and floored it......we never saw em' catch up when we got to da next stop see..the next event would have to be Ro's fault who said there was a trick to hitting these railroad tracks without it being hella bumpy, which is to stay on da im like cool that'll come in i drive full on da right not realising it has one hella big bump...i hit dat shit so hard dat the front tires lifted off da ground...but being the all wheel drive beast it is, it didn't take much to keep that fat ass under control. now ive been wanting to race Z's lil Teg...integra, cuz he believes it can beat dis car...well i have yet to get my race, but i did get to race an eclipse da other night. when i went to pick Oly up from work after Z's graduation, a coworker with the eclipse was like hey chris les run tonight...and Oly was like yeah les go, hurry and get to da we got to da car and hurried after him getting alongside in da other lane... at firs i thought shit he aint trying...cuz im like backing off da gas every now and den to not pass him up....den im like fuck dis...wave goodbye..and floor didn't take long to leave him behind at a pretty big distance. my satisfaction came from the fact that i heard him flooring it as well so after thinking bout dat and da was a all out race..and i a rental ways to ruin all dis..i spent 50 bucks filling her back up...sigh..when do i get my mazda back. another thing is that ive been driving small cars since da make it sound like forever...and all u guys wit small cars know wat it's like wit ur who here has tried fitting two ppl into the front passenger seat of a toyota was hell, specially for a guy jus over 6 foot. now dis car as u can see in da photos is huge...and has folding down seats in da u know where im goin wit dis...ok, when i fold down the seats, both the trunk and dos seats create wat can only be described as a bed, even a 6 foot guy like me can lay lengthwise and fit me, had to try it. well off to bed, las day of work tomorrow, and den on to a better job.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Z's graduation

Ok so i jus started my blog and dis is my firs post, ...thx's her fault, she even made Ro wan to make one....he has yet to make one ;P ...ok so i went to Z's graduation today and got some photos that i'll through at the bottom of this, but firs lemme say that the Hemi engine can give u da jitters sumtimes, i picked Oly up at wrk today and a coworker wit his eclipse was like "hey chris u wanna run tonight", so Oly was like chris run!! les go, so the rental car...yes my car is in the shop, and now im driving a dodge the rental car and the eclipse bumped heads...well les say that it seemed like the eclipse wasn't trying...i wasn't giving it much nor was he, den i floored and waved good bye, he had it gunned too but i was gone i didn't think he tried until i noticed the speed i was goin and was like shit!! ..oh wells..slow to make da damn ways heres da photos and expect another post at the end of da week...

Z's graduation

Dis is Z's graduating class..hella small,...a hella of lot smaller den my graduating class.

Z getting his diploma..oh yeah

Tina: "how about we celebrate our ..uh.."freedom" ..tonight"
Zishan: "Score!!"
or prob tina is jus looking at her dorky BF Z

and lastly we have Z wit his dad, mom, and brother..who..meaning his goin to buy Z more car parts for his

well that's my firs post, see ya'll on friday, my last day as a QC at G.L. Mezzetta, and den im on to bigger, and better, things, my friends u know wat i mean ;)

Friday, May 19, 2006

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