Saturday, June 10, 2006

Last Day of Work

Ok as most of you know my last day of work was today and now i'll be moving on to bigger and better things. no more will i go home smelling of chili peppers, now i'll go home wit a sweet sugary smell....big difference, and it pays more too :p ways the day went good, got off wrk early and was paid for eight hours, boss said it was cool for those saying that im ditching my las day, had to sign confidential papers saying that i wont share trade secrets...but for now im offering trade secrets at a special rate of 100 dollars a pop,.....but trust me, u wun get was pretty much a normal day and ppl all day were all asking why im leaving but all agreed when i told dem my reasons for leaving and da plans dat i had...not all dat important cuz i'll still see all dem at companey functions when i go wit Oly, plus the ones that im cool wit have my phone number if dey wan to do ways here's mah photos of my las day at wrk.

dis here is mah grl Jasmin and Alphonso. Alphonso is one of da mechanics at our wrk and he's da one that lined me up wit my new job. Jasmin just always been cool wit me since da beginning.

Firs group photo starting at right we have Morfine *one funny ass dude* , morfines wife, manuel *who i thought would kill to be in dis photo*, chris *da one wit da eclipse*, me!!, Juan, Erika *taught me most my spanish*, and Erica's brother. dey are all cool pals of mine, and dun u jus like how i forgot sum of der names....

next group photo we have the ppl a lil closer to me..well most...we have my GF Oly right in front of me...looking pissed, which she always does witout noticing it, to her right is her cousin Maribel....looking very my right i have Jasmin who flung her arms round me jus to get Oly to join the my left is Maribels aunt, on the far right we have Oly's good friend Blanca and her husband. den down below we have my "kernal" Jesus, who can be very crazy and to hooked on trying to get a GF, but still very kind and funny.

Des here are the guys dat i normally hang wit and sumtimes we'll go to da movies together wit our grls or Frisco or sumthin like far one of da best departments to wrk in cuz never boring....

Here we have one of the million of couples dat wrk at Mezzetta enjoying lunch break together.

Lastly i have a pic of Ro wrking on his puter, i went der after i got off wrk and posted dis cuz i think he said i better not...les see how long till he dis pick i think Ro can be quoted in saying that wire managment is a pain in da true...but he loves it.

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