Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Xmas Card

So my mom asked me to help create a brady bunch look alike of our family. This is what I have so far. A lot of the images I had to work with weren't that great. Hopefully we can find some better ones, if not, my mom should do my idea and just take new pictures against a solid color wall. Oh wells.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clean Your Computer!

One of the biggest most important things a computer user can do to extend the life of their computer and keep it running fast, is actually pretty simple... keep it clean! Keep the dust off that top, shake all of that food out of your keyboard, dust your monitor, and blow out the inside of your computer. Now I know a lot of people would cringe at the thought of having to open up their computer, and I assure you, it's not as bad as you think. If you're using a desktop, it's only two screws, and you don't have to remove or touch any of the computer parts. If you don't know what you are doing, or are not familiar with the inside of a computer, I recommend you don't touch any internal parts.

If you plan on blowing out the inside of your computer, like you should, make sure to only use a can of compressed air that states it's for electronic devices. These can's of air have, I believe it's called frion, that keeps the air in the can dry so you don't spray electronic parts with moisture. Just make sure to use the included straw, and do not, do not turn the can upside down to spray with. The frion will come to the top and spray whatever, or whomever, you are pointing it at. This stuff burns, trust me, I've had canned air fights back in computer class lol.

Before you go to spray out your computer, make sure it is turned off. Then once it is completely shutdown, go ahead and pull the power plug off the back of the computer.. better to just be safe. Now (I'm talking about a tower)take out the two screws holding the side onto the computer. If you were facing the front of the computer, you would want to remove the left side. If you were to remove the right side, you would see the motherboard blocking you from seeing the rest of the inside. The side doesn't pull out, you have to slide it towards the back of the computer, just give it a nice tug... it'll be ok ;) Now take your can of air, make sure you are using the straw. If it doesn't blow any air out, you may have to pull the tab off the top of the can. Go all out with the air, blow anything and everything you can. You want to mainly blow at fans where dust likes to get trapped. Blow off those cards that stick out towards you from the motherboard. Once you are sure you've blown off everything, go ahead and piece back together your computer, you're all done. :)

I came up with this post, because I recently cleaned out a friends computer. He just started having computer problems, of the weirdest kind, and his computer hadn't been opened in years. When I first opened his computer, I was expecting the worst. I had my phone ready to record any video of the layers of dust that I'd see and blast it on facebook. When I did open his computer, my first impression was that it was extremely clean, but as I started to pull cards out (you don't have to do that) and blow off things, dust started flying out of everywhere. His video card alone, which turned out to be his problem, had gobs of dust flying out of it.

So hopefully this helps some people out there. If you are good about keeping the inside of your computer clean, the hardware will last you a lot longer. If you are using a laptop, you have a little more work to do. Generally you just pop off a plastic piece right below your lcd, right be where it mounts into the keyboard. You should see a couple screws that are holding your keyboard in place. Remove those and lift up the keyboard. This should give you full access to the inside of the laptop. Now that is for most laptops, like 90% My laptop at home is not like that. So you may want to refer to the documentation that came with it, or documentation on the manufacturers website.

Computer Expansion Slots

Types of Computer Expansion Slots


So according to the above comic, I have a 1 in 4 shot of striking gold. This comic was drawn by NPC Comic. It's a very good comic about a gamer girl and her cats. I highly recommend it if you are in the mood for some lite reads.

Nokia N900

I'm in love! I don't know how I'll break the news to my iphone, we've already been together for over a year and a half. What do I say, " you treated me good, but I've found someone better!" hmmmmm... I'm gonna end up breaking her little CPU.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


As you can see, my blog is a complete mess right now. I went to backup my template before making some minor tweaks, well, I clicked the wrong thing. So most of the tweaks I have done are gone. I am currently in the processing of piecing the blog back together, but I may also take this opportunity to add some other stuff. Wish me luck, and keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

For all of you Big Bang Theory fans, here's a really cool shirt I stumbled across today. I actually ended up buying this shirt for a friend. It should be in by next week.

If your interested, you can get to the shirts website by clicking here

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Today I watched Onechanbara, Bikini Samurai Squad. It's based off of the xbox box game of the same name. Both the game and the movie are pretty corny. Although this movie has, zombies, lots of blood, cute asian girls, swords, and bikinis. I don't see any reason to really complain, haha.

Even though this movie was really corny, it did have a few emotional scenes that I think added a nice twist to the story.

I have embedded the last fight scene below. It looks pretty fake, but it's still a pretty epic fight. Don't watch it if you plan on seeing the movie.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

My Sister

I told my sis I was going to post this. I had forgotten originally, but thankfully I never took the pic off my phone. This is what happens when the power goes out for 2 hours straight and the whole family doesn't have the internet. They are forced to spend time with each other, and apparently, go crazy.

What was actually happening was that we were all trying to scare each other since the power was out and the whole house was pitch black. That then somehow lead to my mom talking Bri into making funny faces, while me and my brother took pictures.

My New Toy!!

Before I get to into my story, you know how many NSFW (not safe for work) images I had to scrounge through to find the one above! I wanted a pic of an anime girl unwrapping a gift.. neko style like the one above would have been really cool. Instead of finding anything remotely related to what I wanted, I pulled up a ton load of hentai and wannabe hentai images.

So back to my story, I bought a new toy recently! :) I have bought a EEE PC pearl, or the EEE PC 10005HAB. Some of my computer friends a probably shaking their heads at me for buying it, as it will never compare to the computing power of a standard laptop. Well I'm a big gadget nerd, and have always wanted an EEEPC since they were first introduced. It is the best netbook to tote around to and from classes. It is also the ultimate network pen. testing machine.

The netbook doesn't have much power to it, and mostly standard ports. It has a Intel Atom processor, dual core 1.6 Ghz. That is not fast at all, by no means. For video, it comes with the integrated intel GMA 950. The netbook comes with 1gig of ram, upgradeable to a max of 2 gigs (which I plan to do very, very, very, As for ports, it comes with: 3 USB, 1 VGA, 1 power, a headphone, and a mic port.

I'm tempted to overclock the processor to 2Ghz, and also overclock the GMA 950. Thankfully there are tools out there that will let me do this from inside the OS, without having to boot to a prompt from the bios. My only fear, whenever you overclock anything, you will produce more heat, use up a lot more battery life, and possibly reduce the life of the hardware. This is why nothing has been overclocked yet, because I want to see how the netbook performs where it's at right now. I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to computers, and I don't plan to do any gaming on the netbook. That's what my laptop is for. But I do plan to install diablo or starcraft, which aren't very demanding. I also plan to watch my anime while on the go, off of it. These things, and a few others, will determine if I overclock it in the end.

If you are in the market for a netbook, and looking for something cheap and highly portable, then I'd recommend this netbook. It has yet to give me any problems, and worked right out of the box. Even Ubuntu 9.1 installed easy with no need to download new drivers.

here are some images of my netbook

This is my desktop. I'm running Ubuntu 9.1 which offers a better 3D graphical interface than what I'm using, but as I've state, I'm pretty minimalistic. And yes that is a wallpaper from that 90's movie, Hackers with angelina jolie. You may also notice the madwifi folder on the desktop. That is the driver that will enable my wireless card to sniff wireless networks. It was only after I had installed the driver by compiling it from source code, that I learned a much easier way to download and install it automatically.

Here is the main login screen for Ubuntu 9.1. The netbook came with windows xp, which is the first thing I took off. If I'm going to learn linux, I have to force myself to learn linux. The keyboard is very comfortable. I can easily type a lot without my fingers getting tired.

Here is the case of the netbook. The pearl is a big improvement over the other pc's thanks to the matte finish. Other EEE PC's show fingerprints really easily, and look dirty after only 1 day.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Jib Jab Christmas

Here is the newest free video from jib jab. I love messing around with these

these are the same photos i've used in older jib jab vids
(in order of appearance)

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Red Ring of Death!

So I bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 a couple days ago... yay me right! Wrong! My brother calls me up yesterday to inform me that our xbox got the infamous red ring of death.

Supposedly, after doing some reading on the web, this has been happening to a lot of people who have bought the new Modern Warfare 2. I don't want to be hasty with jumping to that conclusion, considering every xbox 360 owner is going to have the red ring of death happen to their xbox. But is it really a coincidence that this is happening to so many other people around the same time, who bought the same game.

I guess that only time will tell. Forgive me if I was bitter, I just want to play me new game ;P


It's been a pretty busy last two weeks with exams and studying. I just had my trig one today which I'm confident I aced ^_^ Now I only have one more next monday, my lab exam, and then I'll finally be done.

I know I've been meaning to post tech articles on Fridays, which I haven't forgotten, and do have lots of things I would like to write about.

I actually bought a netbook just last weekend. I had been at Barnes and Noble studying, when I was like hmmm.. I'm gonna go across the street to Best Buy and buy a netbook. Lol, spontaneous... I know, but I have been wanting one for a while.

It is an Asus 1005HAB netbook, running Ubuntu 9.1 which is a distro of linux. I took the windows xp that was on there, off, because I really want to be able to do more with linux. Currently it has the 1 gig of RAM it came with, but i plan on upgrading that to 2 gigs very soon.

Well this is my story for the time being, and I'll have more up ASAP.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update as of 10-28-09

Time for another post detailing changes I've made. One thing that has been bothering me recently, is the formatting of my blog posts. All of my paragraphs look like plain blocks of text and would blend together. To make life on the eyes a little easier, I have formatted everything with a paragraph tag to be indented. You can see this change in some of my more recent posts.

Another thing that was a failure, anime pics of the week. There is no way that I'm going to keep browsing the web for my fav. anime pic of the week. It gets old after a while, haha

So instead of the anime pic of the week, I will be doing weekly tech posts. Being a computer nerd, I'm constantly being asked by people how to fix little common annoyances they have with their computers. Posting every week on tech will be a little challenging, but that is why I'm setting Friday as a permanent day to do this and am sticking to it.

My idea for this weeks tech post, I'm thinking, is going to be how to remove that stupid side bar they have in windows vista and windows xp black. I'm aware that most of you aren't on vista, but it's a start.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Multitasking Generation

Recently a co-worker made a comment, that reminded me of an article I read close to a year ago. The subject of the article was that today's generation multitask way to much. Now growing up, I had always heard that being able to multitask was a great skill and very beneficial when one gets older. Well the article I read states that this generation multitasks way to much, and that our brains are being wired to be in a constant state of multitasking. Think about your typical teenager, or refer the picture I included with this post (taken off my desktop btw). Most teenagers are sitting on the computer, listening to music, loading music onto an ipod, talking on the cell phone, playing a game, looking at pics, looking at a social networking websites (facebook, etc.), all of this at the same time.

Doing a lot of things all at once while being on the computer may seem second nature, at least it does to me, but it's wiring our brains into a constant state of multitasking. Even when we aren't multitasking, we are expecting some kind of interruption, and unconsciously wait for it. The interruption can be a phone call, text msg, or an email. The problem with this, is that people lose the ability to focus on one task at a time, because we are too busy either working or looking for another task to do at the same time.

My generation is a part of this, I see it in friends, and in myself. Although I don't feel as negative about it, as the article did. I myself can be working on multiple things at once, and still stop every so often to check my phone, email, or facebook. It's a habit, and more so, a natural thing for me.

A lot of us study easier when we are listening to music. That's the only way I can study, if it's not their in the background, I can't concentrate.

There is really no solving this problem, if you want to call it a problem. I see it more as the way society is changing. It may be for both the better and the worse, but that is up to your own beliefs. I just wanted to share a little something that most of us do now, and that you may do yourself without even realizing it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SSL (security socket layer)

SSL, what is that? Have you ever noticed while browsing the web, the 's' in https://etc.etc. When the s is sitting there, that means you are using an encrypted connection. So all data you send out to the web server is locked, and the website has the only key to unlock it. This is really nice when doing online banking, as you don't want anyone listening on your network trying to intercept your banking data. If a hacker is on your network, listening to all of your internet traffic, he wont be able to read the data when you are using SSL.

Well there exists a little vulnerability with all web browsers, that can make you think you are secure, while you're actually not. Sometimes a website wont give you the s at the end of the http until you go to login. You may think that's secure because your data is now being encrypted, but that damage has already been done when you visited the site without the s. A hacker can sit between you and the website, a man in the middle, and intercept all data between you and that website. When you first visit the website, you send the request to the hacker, who forwards it onto the website, who then responds back to the hacker, and the hacker forwards the response to you. So when you click that secure login, you actually tell the hacker you want the secure login, who then talks to the website and gets himself a secure login. He/she then spoofs a secure login back to you, so that you are thinking all of your data is being encrypted. But actually, it's as clear as day to the hacker.

So how do you stop a hacker from being the man in the middle? Well, if you had encrypted the data when you first visited the website, he would have never been able to spoof the secure login, and he'll be locked out completely.

Protect Yourself!

So my advice to you, when you visit a website, no matter what site it is, hand type that s at the end of http and press enter. Most websites support SSL, but you'll be surprised how many don't automatically load with it. Gmail doesn't use SSL unless you set in the options that you want it to. Another suggestion of mine to save you from hand typing that s in all the time, is to bookmark the page with the s in it. That way every time you click the bookmark, you automatically go to the page using SSL.

I implore that anyone reading this, whenever visiting a site that contains personal information, or takes a login and password. Especially when you are on a public hot spot, like star bucks. In one day, it has been possible to record as many as 1200 different pieces of personal information off of a public wifi. That was simply a person sitting with a computer running software, that listens to the net chatter. It could have been negated if people would be using the SSL.

What do you use?

As some of you may or may not know, your browser gives certain tidbits of information away, as you browse the internet. Some people would be unnerved to think of that fact, but really, it helps the internet work for you. Some information that is given away would be: the type of browser your using, your operating system, and your IP address. We can go deeper, but I'll leave it at that.

Well, if you haven't noticed, I keep a site tracker at the bottom of my blog that tracks the amount of users who visit. I get an email every friday of that weeks amount of visitors. It's easy to identify the trends, I get more viewers when I post more, and less when I post less. More visitors visit a post in my blog from a google search, than they do visiting the blog page. Most blogs have this kind of feature, because most people want to know if they have anyone visiting them at all.

Last night as I was messing with my tracker, I learned a couple more statistics that the free one I have provides me. I thought some of them were interesting, and so I'm sharing them with you below.

The first one here show's the percentage of what people use which browser. It's nice to see that a lot of you use firefox which I think is the most secure browser anyone can use. I'm not surprised to see that another big percentage of you are using Internet Explorer. You kind of have no choice considering it comes pre-packaged with Microsoft Windows.

The last thing I'm going to share with you, is the type of OS that most of you are using. I'm not surprised to find that the general population is using windows xp. We've had that OS for a long time now, but we really haven't had anything to make people want to move on. Vista was an utter failure, which is why I'm guessing it only has 1% of people using it. I am surprised at how many people are still on windows NT. That was an amazing operating system, one of the best, but the support for it dropped a long time ago. The 3rd most popular OS on there says other. By other I'm guessing that could be different distributions of Linux.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Just last week I went and saw this movie with my brother, and it was totally awesome. I will actually be going to Davis today with my sister, to see it again. I did warn my sister it would scare her, but she still wants to see it.

Most of you have heard of this movie I'm sure. For those that haven't, imagine those ghost hunter tv shows, and kick it up a few notches. Basically the story goes that this girlfriend and boyfriend are living together, when strange things start to happen. The girlfriend admits to having had a ghost follow her around her whole life, since she was 8 years old. The boyfriend, a techphile, swears to find out what's going on. He buys an expensive camera to film the day and night happenings, with hopes to catch the "culprit" on camera.

The movie is very dry at first, and it's only about a quarter of the way in, that you start seeing anything substantial. In the meantime, the boyfriend keeps the movie going with his good humor.

This movie is in select theaters only and it's time out has actually been extended. Today was originally it's last day in the theaters. Paranormal activity had some very successful viral marketing. It had sat on a shelf already completed, since '06. It was originally intended as a straight to dvd film. A trial run was conducted, where the movie was played at 12 am, at select theaters. From there it was the fans demands and petitioning for the movie to play in their theaters, that the movie spread. This movie was made on a 10k dollar budget, and made in only 6 months in the directors home. Just goes to show how an original movie, with simple special effects, can still do very well.

I have had a couple of friends who said this movie was crap. Although, it seems like more love it, than hate it.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone. You'll either love it, or totally hate it. Just don't blame me if you can't sleep later that night. ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kanon Wakeshima

My sister introduced me to this artist recently. She has a really unique sound. Besides her soothing voice, her songs are unique in that she incorporates her playing the chelo. If I were to compare this to an American band, I'd say Evanescence. They share the same kind of dark sounding orchestral kind of music. If you like Jrock, I highly recommend you take a listen.

Ants in my Pants

So here's my story of this morning before work. I woke up at 6:30 thanks to my cellphone. Our power had gone out due to the storm, not sure how long it was out for. I used a flashlight and propped the bathroom mirrors perfectly so I'd have enough light to get ready for work. I say my good byes, and zoom along to work. At least, zoom as quickly and safely the rain and traffic would allow. So when I get to work I notice a patch of ants on my leg. After brushing them off, I notice another patch of ants.. then another....and another. My pants were covered in ants! and I never even notice because it was too dark to see when I got dressed.

I keep all of my work clothes in the closet. Well the rain must have force the ants inside, which their favorite route is right through my closet. Here's to going home tonight to clean out those ants from my clothes.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Metal Gear Solid 4: Akiba proposes to Meril

Just finished this game last night! And have to say, the last 2 hours of that game were totally epic. Ended up staying up til 12:30 to finish it. Here is a clip from a scene last night that I thought was awesome.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

This is Dave

Sharing with you all, thought this was funny.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Change to blogger posting

I just wanted to comment on something I've noticed in the last two posts. After you make a post, instead of blogger asking to send you back to the blog, it sends you to just that post. This is something that I really like, as I do a lot of editing in past posts that I use as pages.

Metal Gear Solid 4

Growing up, I was never a fan of the Medal Gear Solid series. They've always had very good reviews, but I was never a fan of sneaking around 24/7 through a video game. Now that I have a PS3, I was won over by the beauty and the outstanding reviews that is Medal Gear Solid 4.

My first impressions were wowww, how beautiful. The opening "commercials" were epic. Then my first intro mission, kind of cut short. I had to get used to the whole sneaking around gameplay, so the intro mission was a boring learning curve. Despite that, it didn't take long for me to get sucked in. This game has a lot of cut scenes, but I look forward to each one, as they all look stunning and progress the story very nicely. I'm totally hooked on this game and spent all weekend staying up til around 5 am playing it. I recommend this to anyone who owns a ps3, old fans and new. It's way cheap if you want to buy it, like 30 bucks.

Here is a tight ass scene from the game, where Raiden makes his first appearance to fight Vamp. This vid doesn't even do justice. It looked 100X better on my tv!

Trig. Finding Sin and Cos of an Angle

I put this in both tech help and personal. It doesn't have anything to do with tech really, but it's help, and my tech help section is looking a little empty.

So my trig class has already moved on to sum and difference formulas, as well as half angle formulas. But one of the things I have failed to grasp up til this point, was the basic sin and cos of a basic angle such as 45 degrees. I can tell you that the sin of 45 degrees is (root)2/2, just cause I see it so often. I could survive without having it memorized, the calculators we use can do this kind of thinking, and they are essential for everything in that class. But, the calculators themselves can be tricky and it could take more time to solve by calc, than it is to spit out something memorized. So this brings me to a table I'd like to share with you, that was never shown in my class, for all basic angles in the 1st quad

30 degrees45 degrees60 degrees
all divided by 2

This table with some manipulation, can get you almost all major angles. For example, the sin of 60 degrees by using this table, would get you (root)3/2. Well how about the sin of 120 degrees. It's the same angle as 60 degrees, just in the second quad. So the answer would be -(root)3/2.

Anyways I felt this table was very helpful, and I will be using it for sure in my math class.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Ongoings

EDITED *including a link to watch the series*
School Days Eps

Wow, a full week of no posting XD I have seriously been meaning to post somethings, honest, but I generally forget what I meant to post, or I just get wrapped up in something else. I will say that my blog hasn't totally taken the back burner, I have finally found a gallery software that works. I originally wanted the gallery created by indigo scripts, but sadly, they aren't around anymore. So, I have settled with gallery2(creative huh :P). I should have that up and posted in my blog soon.

I have also ..wait..damn. What'd I say? I have already forgot the 2nd thing, it'll come back to me. You can thank me for having to run up and restart the server for my companies cameras.

I am now a guild master on my priest alt. I am actually the guild master of the very first guild I was in years ago, when I was really trying to be hardcore about WoW, and leveling my mage. This guild was being used as a junk storage place by an old guildie of mine, whom the original guild master gave it to. So I talked to him and now hope to revive it as a pvp guild. My plan in the next expansion to come out, is to spec it as a pvp guild, and also work up relations with other end game guilds who are going PVE. I hope to strike up an alliance with the other end game guilds, so that my members who would like to PVE at times, will not feel limited to PVP only. Ik that I would like to PVP and PVE with my priest, so it's a nice thought.

Same story as usual. School is taking up a lot more time this semester than it has before. I'm trying to get to bed early every night than normal, no more midnight stints. So now I find spare time more scarce. If I have an ounce of free time left, I try to spend it in WoW, or I read more of the new Da Vinci Code sequal.

That pic had nothing to do with this post, but I was searching for an anime pic, and saw it. The pic is from school days, which is a highly psychotic and crazy anime. If you're in the mood for something like that, I highly recommend it. It's very short, and starts out cute and bubbly and stuff. But as the anime progresses, it gets a little darker, then in the last 2 eps, it's outright extreme!

here's a trailer (looks cute, but it's only a mask to the deeper darker side of it)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aion OST

The MMO Aion, for those who haven't played it, has a beautiful soundtrack. In my own opinion, it tops even WoW's OST, which is pretty intense. About 20 mins ago, I got my hands on the OST for Aion, and will be posting it here, as soon as I get the songs uploaded on my host server.

These are also the songs I plan on using for my future photo gallery which I'm currently working on, but having difficulties with on this host.

If you would like to view all of the songs, you can click the link to view the directory. I posted a sample of the main theme below that.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Forgot to mention!

I just thought of this.. the retail release of Aion, for all pre-order people starts this sunday!

I guess I need to kick up my game and pre-make my person tonight, so that he/she is ready by sunday. Wowww now it's WoW/PS3/Aion... so little time.. so much to choose from :P

It's Friday!

So this post is going to be a whole lot of nothing, but hell, it's my blog! Lol. Although I do need to think of some more stuff to post. I mean this is my 2nd posting this week, I'm slowing down!

So this weekend is a whoollleeee lotta nothing for me. I will actually have some time where I don't have to think about school. Because I took two test last week, I really have no HW nor quizes to study for, over the weekend. So what will I be doing??? Playing PS3! That's right I bought one, and it's sitting right next to my xbox 360.

Although I need to get at least one more controller for it. I thought we could use our psp's as controllers and were heavily dissapointed when we couldn't. I mean we as in my brother and I when we were going to face off in Need for Speed Shift.

For this weekend I'm stuck in a bit of a tough spot. Should I level my priest up more in WoW, or play some PS3! Priest/PS3, Priest/PS3..ughhh

I have been craving some hard core RPGs lately.. mainly final fantasy. I have happily found out that I can download the PSN version of FF7 onto my PS3. Now it isn't all did up or anything, but I don't have the classic version o.O And I've really been wanting to play it. FYI, for the PSN we stopped at 6 or 8, can't remember to well. But at the time, we were all into Chrono Crusade.

In other final fantasy news, FF13 looks freaking bad ass!!! This game comes out in Nov. of this year, which is 2 months too freaking long from now. For those that haven't seen it, I posted the trailer below. Also, I posted a link to the FF13 website which is also totally awesome. '

Well, wish everyone a happy friday and a great weekend.

FF13 website

Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Updates and Changes

So I had about 3 different posts in mind to put up here this last weekend, but for the life of me I can't remember what they were. I think one of them had to do with the whole Kanye and Taylor thing at the VMA last night..which btw I agree with about 90% of the worlds population in saying that Kanye west is an asshole.

Going back on track, this post is to detail all of the changes that I have made to the blog recently. One change that you may or may not have seen for the last week or so, was the admin panel. I have moved this now to an off page in google sites, and have put the link to the page in my blog topics. This is not only more secure for me and my users, but also more cleaned up. I don't like to clutter my sidebar up to much, so I threw it up on my beloved navbar. If your thinking, well you throw everything up on the navbar, doesn't that clog things up as well? Well my answer is yes I do! I love my navbar. And no, it doesn't clog things as much as it would have if sitting on the sidebar.

Another change to keep your eyes open for, is a photo gallery! I have recently read of a way to utilize google sites to upload a photo gallery created in adobe flash, to be viewed on your blog. As some may know, blogger has many ups and downs when compared to real website hosting. It may be cheaper and simpilar, but it's really restrictive on things you can do with blogger alone. So here's to hoping I get my blogger gallery uploaded and viewable soon!

While I'm thinking about it, you may have noticed the below test post that was sent from flickr. I hope that this doesn't clog my blog up to much with hella photo updates, but I thought that it may be a nice addition if it works right.

If you follow the below link, you can see the gallery which inspired me to want to create my own.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Thoughts on Aion

Instead of going through a whole list of what I like and dislike, I thought I'd just link a convo that I had not to long ago for you to peruse. Now this isn't everything I'm sure, but it's all I could think of at the time of the convo.

15:31] Erica: hey
[15:31] Erica: what's up???

[15:32] chris: nada
[15:32] chris: u?

[15:32] Erica: just got your text
[15:32] chris: yeahhh
[15:32] chris: pvpve
[15:32] chris: ^_^
[15:32] chris: pretty tight
[15:33] chris: it's the type of dungeon found in aion
[15:33] chris: if u break it down.. it's pvp pve

[15:33] Erica: that's what i thought
[15:34] chris: meaning that as ur rushing down a tunnel to go fight a boss... u might have the other faction pop out of an adjacent tunnel going to the same boss
[15:34] Erica: hmmm
[15:34] chris: meaning u have to fight them
[15:34] chris: to get to the boss

[15:34] Erica: oh wow!
[15:34] chris: so ur fighting for control of a dungeon
[15:34] Erica: sounds crazy
[15:34] chris: hell yeah
[15:35] Erica: sounds cool
[15:35] Erica: adrenaline rush to the fullest
[15:36] Erica:

[15:36] chris: mmmhm
[15:36] chris: that's what I'm thinking
[15:36] chris: this is also a game that wants to keep things balanced
[15:36] chris: unlike our server per say
[15:36] chris: where the alliance out number us
[15:36] chris: so their is a fair chance
[15:36] chris: but i also read
[15:36] chris: that the comptuer controlled race
[15:36] chris: the baluar
[15:37] chris: will go mainly after the winning race
[15:37] chris: in fights
[15:37] chris: to help keep things even
[15:37] chris: o.O

[15:38] Erica:!
[15:38] Erica: and not WoW!

[15:38] chris: lol
[15:38] Erica: that sounds like a really gd idea
[15:38] chris: yeah
[15:38] chris: but I've found where I'm a little dissapointed
[15:38] chris: lol
[15:38] chris: finallyyy
[15:39] chris: other than mechanics
[15:39] chris: i want low level dungeons
[15:39] chris: with as long as it takes to level up
[15:39] chris: it would be nice to have a couple of basic dungeons at those levels
[15:39] chris: i mean shit
[15:39] chris: it took me two full days of playing just about all day
[15:39] chris: to hit hmmm
[15:39] chris: 14

[15:40] Erica: awww
[15:40] chris: that may mean learning some of what to do, but I'm a good leveler
[15:40] Erica: overall you say that you are a good leveler...
[15:40] Erica: so it would be nice to have something else for you to do
[15:41] Erica: other then just level

[15:41] chris: well no I'm just saying that I'm a good leveler
[15:41] chris: to show how slow leveling is
[15:41] chris: and how yes it would be ncie to have something break it up a bit
[15:42] chris: and not just a straight grind and quest to the top
[15:42] chris: granted, this is a korean game, and as we know, them koreans do nothing more than freaking grind and become uber great players

[15:42] Erica: yeah that's what i was give you a new challenge
[15:42] chris: butttt, it would still be a nice factor to have for those who would like it
[15:42] chris: just another selling point
[15:44] chris: yeah
[15:44] chris: they do have some challenges
[15:44] chris: i have encountered two world bosses
[15:44] chris: that i would like to take down
[15:45] chris: buttttt meh

[15:45] Erica: oh sweet
[15:45] chris: we have those in wow btw,
[15:45] chris: just somethign where u get a group of 2 or 3 ppl

[15:45] Erica: oh ;(
[15:45] chris: lol
[15:45] chris: it's typical mmo stuff

[15:45] Erica: so nothing new for you.
[15:45] chris: the world bosses
[15:45] chris: nahh
[15:46] chris: most of this stuff isn't new
[15:46] chris: but it has a lot of the better aspects of a lot of it

[15:46] Erica: sooo anything that you are really enjoying?
[15:47] chris: hmmm
[15:47] chris: it's beauty, haha

[15:47] Erica: agree
[15:47] chris: the fantasy setting, with a hint of the anime look
[15:47] chris: lol
[15:47] chris: tickles my fancy

[15:47] Erica: lol
[15:48] Erica: haha....when i did my paper for your hm where i imagine kinda looked like Aion!

[15:48] chris: haha
[15:48] Erica: *our not your
[15:48] chris: right
[15:48] Erica: yup in my floating cloud ....hehe
[15:49] chris: lol
[15:49] chris: satill haven't figured out how to do taht
[15:49] chris: oh you knwo what's cool too
[15:49] chris: for those who like to pvp
[15:49] chris: well one bad thing is that mostly u have to wait til lvl 25 for the brunt of it
[15:49] chris: but ok imagine honor in wow
[15:50] chris: u get honor for killing other faction players

[15:50] Erica: imagining
[15:50] chris: the more .. i forget the name.. say honor u get, the higher u can go in rank.
[15:50] chris: which btw, you can display ur rank next to ur character name
[15:50] chris: while u walk around.... for those ppl pvp oriented

[15:50] Erica: ok
[15:50] chris: buttt
[15:51] chris: it's also difficult for those at a higher rank to keep it

[15:51] Erica: hmmm
[15:51] chris: cuz when u die, you lose some points
[15:51] chris: so if ur a lower rank u lose a few

[15:51] Erica: awww....blows
[15:51] chris: but if ur a higher rank, and u die, u lose a shitload
[15:51] chris: well it puts importance on staying alive
[15:52] chris: also if u spend points on new gear, it is possible to lower a rank.. or ranks.
[15:52] chris: alsoooo
[15:52] chris: the highest rank
[15:52] chris: only one person can be that at a time

[15:52] Erica: oh..
[15:52] chris: oh and if u have that highest rank
[15:52] chris: u can't just camp and not fight anymore
[15:52] chris: in fear of losing it

[15:52] Erica: lol
[15:52] Erica: so me
[15:52] chris: cuz u have to fight to maintain ranks
[15:53] chris: if u stop fighting, u'll start losing ranks
[15:53] chris: so I like the system, u can be on top, but then again there's going to be some turnover among all of the ranks

[15:53] Erica: ok
[15:54] Erica: sounds like it's a way to keep it in "balance"

[15:54] Erica: i like that
[15:54] chris: yeah

Friday, September 04, 2009

Link Exchanges

I would like you, the reader, to give me your opinion on something.

I recently read an article .. sorry no link to it.. that talked about the best way to make your blog layout. The article stated that when you link to someone else's blog, that you shouldn't make that blog open in a new page, but in the existing page. This goes against anything I've read about setting links up on blogs. I've read that you should have those links open in a new page, so that the reader doesn't get lost or moved away from your own blog, and they still get to see the blog you have linked to. The argument that the article i read made, is that yes it will take the user away from your site, but that it's also morally wrong to force the reader, somewhat, to stay on your page.

My question to you, is what do you think? Should I make all links to other people's blogs open on the existing page, or on a separate page? To those of you that I already link or post your blog badge, how do you feel about my method of posting them?

Personally, I prefer when browsing someone else's page to have all links open in a separate window. This is because I hate having to use the back button.

To those of u that don't know, link exchanges are an excellent way to raise your google page rank. By hosting a link to someones page, and they urs, you are helping each other become more easily findable in google searches. It can help bring readers to your site as well, but it's more important in raising your page rank.

If you would like to find all of the blogs that I've exchange links with, and also other blog badges, you can find those under blog topics --> blogs & blog badges.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Today is Sept. 2, and what does this mean?? That open beta for Aion starts in 4 more days!! :) Aion is the next big MMO on people's lips right now. Not even warhammer had this much talk about it when it was still in beta. I wont even talk about warhammer after release, cuz it was utter junk. This new MMO seems to have what a lot of other great MMO's have, and then some. You may have noticed something in the image above, she has wings! Now wings are epic and all, but how about the ability to fight while your flying! Now that's really epic.

Now this game will never pass WoW up in my heart, nor do I think it has the chance of ever topping wow, or lasting as long. But for now, this looks like a great game that I can't wait to get my hands on in beta. In this post I'll try to gather as much things together for you, my reader, so that you don't have to dig to much for it. I hope to see you in beta. I'll more then likely be playing a Cleric name seokid, or tohaku.

Aion Website, keep your eyes open here for beta signups

Aion Official Trailer

Download Beta Client Here -filesize= 9gigs

Classes (4 main classes, at lvl 10, each class gets to choose 1 of 2 subclasses):

Aion Classes Preview Video

Mages have weak physical combat ability but they can launch devastatingly powerful magic attacks, they are the primary ranged magical damage dealers. There are two specializations possible for mages: Spiritmasters and Sorcerers.

Spiritual warriors, priests can use healing and self-protection spells to excel in melee combat, and launch powerful ranged magic attacks too. This makes them not only useful support characters in a party of adventurers, but also powerful combatants in their own right. There are two priest specializations: Clerics and Chanters

The scout combines great agility with swift attacks. Scouts must specialize into one of two sub-classes: Ranger or Assassin

Warriors excel in close-quarter combat. Strong performers in a wide range of situations, Warriors are relatively easy to master. Warriors must specialize into one of two sub-classes: gladiators, who concentrate on dealing damage (DPS), or templars, who combine fierce fighting with defensive chants and techniques (tanks).

Monday, August 31, 2009

This season looks to be very epic! It looks like a rival guild has appeared to take on our fav. guildies, and our guildies appear to be having a little personal drama. Vork our fav. guild leader is leaving because he feels he has let the guild down. Claire's husband is buckling down and telling her she needs to spend more time with the family and not in game. Felica, I mean Codex, is playing basketball outside with Tinkerbella! The new WoW expansion is going to be chaos, and now their is chaos happening with the guildies.

This series is really great, and has it's grassroots with the fans. I recommend you watch it. The new season airs on msn video tomorrow, sept 1st. For people who have an xbox, and an xbox live gold membership, you can view the video already on there. I can't wait to re-watch this video, and will post a link up to it tomorrow!

Sac-Anime Skits

So I do not have any pics yet from Sac-Anime 2009. I took like 81 pictures with my little Exilim camera, and they all turned out blurry. I blame it all on poor lighting on the stage, my cameras auto focus was getting it all wrong. So I will be keeping my eyes open for pictures that other people got, I saw a lot of nice cameras lined up in the front row, don't dissapoint me! haha

So instead of posting pictures, I'll link to some video that I shot of the skits performed on stage. Sorry that the video is a little blurry, it to was taking with my Exilim.

Some dancing, dunno what from

Kingdom Hearts Skit

God of War Skit

Batman Meets Starwars

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I went to anime-con in Sacramento this last Sat. and had a blast. The above video is exactly what I heard and saw for about 70% of my day. Kinda cute in a way, and really The people in the vid. are from different anime cons, and not the one that I went to. Enjoy, and I hope it gets stuck in your head too!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anime pic of the week!

I should probably rename these posts to anime pic of "random" weeks, haha. I haven't posted one in the longest time. Although considering I will be going to an anime con in sacramento this saturday, it's only fitting that I post something having to do with anime.

This pic is from H20, Footprints in the Sand. This anime came highly recommended to me from one of my close friends. He has yet to let me down on any of his anime recommendations, so I can't wait to give this one a watch.

Keisuke and Kyoko

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miata Rough Idle

My Miata has been idling roughly for a while now, but it never happened very often. When I went to go get myself some tacos from Jack N the Box the other night, she idled terribly, and the CEL (check engine light) came on. I scanned my car to get the code, P0300, which is the code for multiple cylinder misfire. I knew that one of the things I've been meaning to do is change my plugs and wires.. and I did. She ran fine that night, and throughout the next day. It wasn't until the night of the next day where I thought I was going to have problems again. She would start to idle sooo low, that it felt like she would stall when I would stop at lights and signs. So I got her home and now she is parked.

After doing some research, I've found out that the 99 and 2000 Miatas have problems with their coil packs. That fits my problem well, as a faulty coil pack can cause an engine to misfire. Tonights agenda before class at 7, is to replace my coil pack, air filter, and to clean my o2 sensor and my throttle body. Hopefully this solves my problem, and hopefully I can get it done before class so that I don't have to keep driving around my step moms car.

Will post back with the results, wish me luck!

After replacing the coil, she runs great.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Famous!

Ok, so even though I'm all famous and shit now, don't worry, I still love all of I found this photo when poking through gamestops pictures. They emailed me this morning with links to them. You can totally find me in this pic.. and the corner of the back of my brothers head.. but I'm pretty noticeable! As I've said on my Facebook, the person who finds me... gets a cookie!! haha

Jay Mohr Hosting Blizzcon

Comedian Jay Mohr was the host for the competitions we watched on Friday night. This included the dance contest, sound alike contest, and the costume contest.

From what I hear, I guess most people have more crap to say than good stuff about him this year. Personally, I thought he was great! There were some moments there when I and everyone else would be like huhhh, but then Jay wouldn't miss a beat and keep the ball rolling. Pertaining to the comments about Jay being a racist and a sexist, well to all of you saying that, have you ever been to a comedy club! It usually gets wayyyyy worse than what Jay was saying. So what he'd hit on the girls on stage at least he was fair and would hit on the ugly ones too! It was all in fun, and it looked like the girls were fine on stage. Plus, what nerd there wasn't checking the girls out, he was vocalizing out thoughts! lol

well I have posted a clip below from this last weekend, as well as links to his website, and twitter. It was funny because he announced his twitter name 20 million times during the show just to see how many followed him after.

Diablo 3's recently announced class

I have been talking a lot about World of Warcraft since I've been back from Blizzcon. But there are other great announcements to be had from Blizzcon. One of these pertaining to Diablo 3, which I was a Diablo player before I was a WoW player.

Last year they announced the Witch Doctor and Wizard classes. I got to play with the wizard class this year, which reminds me a lot of playing with my mage in WoW. This year, they announced another new class for Diablo 3, the Monk class!

I have posted the new trailer for the class below, as well as a link to the main site for the Monk.

-Diablo 3 Site- Monk-

What is Blizzcon

So I have been posting so many different things about I'm not done yet,to much to talk about... but someone reading all of these posts may still be wondering what the hell Blizzcon is. I've been searching for this video clip I saw at Blizzcon where I'm in the BG... even though you can't see me, I'm there! lol. It still hasn't been uploaded, so instead, I have found the below video which gives a pretty good feel for what to expect.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't Make Me Get My Main

By far the most epic vid at Blizzcon. This took 2nd place in the vid competition.

Lvl 80 ETC!

So the lvl 80 ETC played at Blizzcon this year... surprise, surprise haha. But I love there music, so here are a few links from what they sang.

Just so you know, Lvl 80 ETC are all Blizzard employees. The President, and co-founder of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime is the guy on Bass.

Power of the Horde

I am Murloc

Rouges do it From Behind

Terran up the Night

Next Expansion!

Check out the totally new epic expansion for world of warcraft, set to be released next year! I'm totally crazy and ready for this xpac!


So some of you may know that the Prince of Darkness paid all of us Blizzconners a visit! He put on a l33t show. The crowd was nuts to see him hit the stage! I was bummed towards the end of the show, while waiting for him to play Crazy Train. I mean, it is the iconic song of Ozzy's for us Blizzconners because of the commercial he was in. Well he did the typical walk off the stage and come back with the one more song. This time he brought out a 7 year old Japanese boy, Yuto Miyaza to play guitar! The kid was totally awesome! If you can see me in the front, let me know. I'm somewhere off to the right, lol.


The free pet this year for either going to Blizzcon, or watching the live stream, was Grunty the murloc marine!!! I finally got to play with mine last night, and he's really cool. Sometimes he will shoot uncontrollably, or even launch a grenade into the air! This pet is really cool, I can't wait to stand in the middle of a city and just let people oogle all over him! :)

Live Raid!

One of the last events to be held at blizzcon 09, was the live raid. We were schedualed to watch the guild, Premonition, take down Cthun, KilJaedon, and Algolon. 3 of the biggest, baddest, bosses during certain periods of WoW. The guild said that would be to easy, and instead were pitted against different line ups of WoW's hardcore bosses.

It was 25 members from premo, pitted against whatever 3 GM's threw at them. For some of you who play WoW, you may remember the old dragons in Azeroth. You know, the ones guarding the portals. Those dragons are still considered hardcore, even for us 20 levels above them. Now imagine fighting all 4 at once! Now imagine taking them out like cake walk!

Premo fought multiple rounds, but their biggest difficulty came when fighting Thaddius, Anub, and Patchwork, all at the same time! There was an instant when everyone gasped just as the polarity changed on Thaddius, and Anub knocked half the raid in the air at the same time. We thought that was going to be a wipe. I highly recommend that you watch the fights.

If you're wondering why I put a pic of hogger at the beginning of this post, well that's the one boss that they couldn't take down! Hogger is still number one!

This first link is a stream. Just click on the on demand at the bottom. then advance the video 28 mins to see the actual fight.

Live Stream

This second link is actually a download of the above video. I haven't tested it yet, but I've read that it works.

Download Video

For those interested in checking the guild out, they have their own website!

Premonition on US Sen'Jin

Cosplay at Blizzcon 09

Yeah! everyones favorite part, cosplay pictures!! How do you like my cosplay pic.. yeah baby! your looking at the next lich king! lol. Actually it was on display. My mom saw this and wanted to know what the "sword of truth" was doing with a noob! ugh! 2 points: it's not the sword of truth, and I'm not a nub! lol

So as for the really cool looking pics of cosplayers, let me say that I didn't take all of these myself. I didn't take very many photos actually, just a few with my iphone to upload to my facebook. But these pics do look awesome, and it gives you a feel for some of the cosplay that was out there.

Make sure to check back, cuz I might find some more pics later

Click here to see blizzcon 09 photos!

Click here for a video of the cosplay

I have added in the below slide show from my blizzcon 2009 album on flickr. So you can either follow the link, or just watch the slide show ;)

Created with flickr slideshow.


So today Blizzcon 2009 has come and gone! It's a sad dayyy, the weekend went way too fast.
I am really far behind on my posts, and have so much to tell! Honest to truth, I wish I could have blogged at the end of my day about my adventures at Blizzcon. But, the hotel I stayed at charges 40 bucks a night for internet access. So I didn't even play WoW the whole time I was there!!
There is so much that I have to share from this weekend, that I'll split each thing up into different posts. I'll add a subject blizzcon 09 to my navbar, for quick access to all the posts about Blizzcon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Do You Wanna Date my Avatar???

So i've heard by word of mouth about the guild putting out their own music video, and this morning posted it! The video has Felicia day doing vocals, with the rest of the cast dancing around. Might i add Tinkerbella looking very finee in the BG with her dancing crew. There is also a scene where Zaboo and Vork throw it down. You might be wondering where Bladez was at... looking good for the camera of course! lol

I'm looking forward to meeting the cast of the guild when I go to blizzcon. I've been a fan of their series since day one. Hopefully I'll go home with some autographs, or better yet, pictures with the cast!

I think this vid was pretty epic, and anyone who plays an MMO will get a good laugh out of it. For those curious about their web series, you can watch it at I'm certain you'll love the series.

"Grab your mouse and stroke your keys. Here in cyberspace, there's no disease." -Felicia Day

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Header!

So what do ya'll think of my new header! Yes I took this picture. It was taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with a Nikon D60. I have planned for the longest time to use the original as a wallpaper... it's to bad this one got a little blurry when I re sized it.

Ik the old one was super cool, haha, but I felt it may be taken wrongly by some people. Although who knows, maybe we'll see it come back somehow in some future plans of mine ;)

Oh and if this new banner is utter crap, lemme know it. That way I can take it down.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blizzcon almost here!

The countdown has already begun! I mean litterly, just look to ur right! As of this posting, there are 9 days and 10 hours left till I leave. I will be leaving on August 20th, to head to Anaheim. I will be attending what will probably be the major highlite of this year, Blizzcon. Blizzcon is a convention for everything Blizzard: Starcraft, Warcraft, Diable, World of Warcraft, etc. It is really huge, and tickets are hard and pricey to get. We will be staying at the Hilton which sits right next to the convention center, and will be the place where the fans will be holding the after party. It's a win win situation since I can walk out my door and be at both the party and the convention. I would also be able to return to my room at anytime I want.

So far this is my plan for my Blizzcon trip, in conjunction with fan postings on the forums. This may change, but this is where we lay.

Aug. 20th Thurs
-Driving down around 8am
-Picking up the tickets
-There is a wowinsider meet up, but prbly wont make it
-Go to the bonfire at the beach until they kick us out

Aug. 21st Fri
-Wake my butt up a little to early, prbly 5am
-Maybe breakfast meetup with Blizzconers
-First day of Blizzcon!
-No other plans.. /cry

Aug. 22nd Sat
-Wake up to damn early again
-Second day of blizzcon!
-Blizzcon afterparty!!

Aug. 23rd Sun
-Prbly never went to bed
-Another long drive back home /cry

Oh and the Ozzy performance goes on whatever day he plays at Blizzcon, prbly sat. :)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Speak Murloc!

Did you ever wish you could speak like a Murloc??? Well I stumbled across someones blog today who had their very own murloc translator! It translate english into murloc, and murloc into english. I recommend giving her translator and blog a try.


Murloc Translator


I've done it! I've finally done it! I now have my very own ventrilo server. I don't belong to any major guild that needs it, but I've always wanted one for my day to day musings and for my friends to use.

So chris, what is a ventrilo server? Well a ventrilo server allows users to log in by using a client, and be able to talk to other people on the server. If you play games online, or belong to some team for that game, then more than likely you have experience using this service.

People log onto a ventrilo server with the host name and port number. You have the option of requiring a pwd, or leaving it open. Personally, mine isn't pwd protected, except for the admin accounts. This allows for friends, and friends of friends, to easily log in at any time. I leave it to myself and my admins to kick or ban anyone who is abusing the server, or being offensive to other people.

If you look along the right, you can find the widget which shows what's going on inside my ventrilo. It's slow, ik, but I just got it! But when you look at it, you can see that there are various channels. There is a channel for everyone to just chill and talk as one big group. There are also 2 group channels for anyone who may be questing or raiding, and need to communicate tactics without interruption from the rest of the people in vent. Lastly, there is an admin channel. This channel only admins have access to. This allows for discussions pertaining to the server and the people using it, without them interrupting. It also allows for a spot to pull an average user into to talk to them about behavior that you feel is offensive or inappropriate. I am contemplating on adding 3 more channels for arena, per my brothers request.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mission Statement

I found this on a friend of a friends blog. Basically a mission statement is a list of things that you should accomplish in your life. If you are interested on doing your own, just follow the link Mission Statement. If you make your own mission statement, link me! :) i would like to read other peoples mission statements.

Below is the one that I did. It's kind of funky because I didn't know how to answer some of the questions, but feel free to take a gander.

I am at my best when I'm having fun and interested in a topic. There is a challenge for me to overcome.
I will try to prevent times when I'm working on an arduous task. Where I'm doing the same thing over and over again. It doesn't stimulate my mind enough..
I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can At work I love working on other people's computers. Facing different challenges they cause. I love being taught by my boss on the software we use in building databases and for the network..
I will find enjoyment in my personal life through I like to relax. I do like to learn more about computers, but I also like to watch anime. I like to learn about different places and spend time with friends..
I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as I'm not musically talented, but working on it. I used to have a good minds eye for drawing anime. I'm a good friend, also mechanically inclined. It doesn't take long for me to learn something. Lastly, I'm overly curious..
I can do anything I set my mind to. I will leave this place. Travel around and document everything that I see from around the world. Meet new people and see new things. Everything I see or experience can be documented on my blog..
My life's journey is it would be to help other people. when they are down and need a hand, to provide that hand. other people need help at times, even if it's small..
I will be a person who i would like to have all my family and oldest friends there. I would like to here cooky stories from over the years..
My most important future contribution to others will be I can't really say what my biggest future contribution will be, but ik that i'll help anyone who needs it..

I will stop procrastinating and start working on:

* Personally I would like to change my social skills. to be quick and witty.

I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life:

* great person, there when u need him, good friend
* smart, overly kawaii, good heart
* intelligent, calm, good speaker, patient,

I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life:

* already working on running every day to acheive the same level of stamina that I used to have.
* not spiritual
* NA
* NA