Monday, August 31, 2009

This season looks to be very epic! It looks like a rival guild has appeared to take on our fav. guildies, and our guildies appear to be having a little personal drama. Vork our fav. guild leader is leaving because he feels he has let the guild down. Claire's husband is buckling down and telling her she needs to spend more time with the family and not in game. Felica, I mean Codex, is playing basketball outside with Tinkerbella! The new WoW expansion is going to be chaos, and now their is chaos happening with the guildies.

This series is really great, and has it's grassroots with the fans. I recommend you watch it. The new season airs on msn video tomorrow, sept 1st. For people who have an xbox, and an xbox live gold membership, you can view the video already on there. I can't wait to re-watch this video, and will post a link up to it tomorrow!

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