Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blood Elf Pride

This was posted on, so I'm reposting it here. This video is called lament of the highborn, and anyone who has played a blood elf should know this song. In the game it is sung by slyvanas the leader of the forsaken, who was once a ranger for the now blood elves...aka sindorei. The song is about their plight and the scourge invasion on their home city. How they were to dawn the name sindorei, in relevance to their fallen comrades.

Lake Siskiyou

So last sunday I went up to Weed CA to visit my grandparents. After meeting up, we all went out to Lake Siskiyou, which is pictured above. As you can see, it's very beautiful out there and lots to do! They have inflatable barriers set up closer to shore, to create a play area for the really young kids. For the other kids, there are inflatable walls to climb, and bouncy things out in the water. To go on those you have to have a life jacket, or your SOL. They also do canoe and paddle boat rentals. The drive can be good for most, and bad for some. It's only 5 mins off the highway, so for those hoping for a fun drive wont get one.

I wouldn't mind going there more often, to bad it's 4 hours away from where I live XD

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mobile Blog

So I am currently working on making a mobile version of this blog. Before all of you start shaking your heads and grumbling on what a waste of time it is, I just want to say that I am doing this to gain some experience in mobile sites and I feel it best to start with this blog. I currently use Zandongo to make and edit the mobile version of this site. You can go to it at

I'm currently frustrated trying to find a way to redirect mobile users visiting this blog, to view the mobile version instead. This would be so much easier if I were doing it on a server XD But hey, it's a learning curve ;)

Wish me luck!

edited: I spelled zinadoo wrong, so some of you would have had trouble if checking my links. They should all wrk now :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stop Facebook From Using Your Pics in Ads

FYI, facebook by default, uses pics from your profile in advertisements for friends. This is an option that is enabled by default, and you have to turn it off to stop it. You may be thinking that it's only for friends, but those are still your images being used by facebook in their advertisements. I don't see anyone getting payed for it -_- . So I will describe how to turn this off.

1. go to your settings
2. privacy
3. news feed and wall
4. facebook ads
5. uncheck the box to appear in facebook ads

viola! they wont be stealing your pics anymore for their ads. ;) As always, if you need help, just comment. And also as always, criticism is appreciated.