Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blood Elf Pride

This was posted on, so I'm reposting it here. This video is called lament of the highborn, and anyone who has played a blood elf should know this song. In the game it is sung by slyvanas the leader of the forsaken, who was once a ranger for the now blood elves...aka sindorei. The song is about their plight and the scourge invasion on their home city. How they were to dawn the name sindorei, in relevance to their fallen comrades.


jiggins said...

I used to love playing WOW.. but I gave it up with the Burning Crusade expansion.. I just wasn't getting anything in real life done!

chris said...

i know the feeling. i hardly play that much anymore since i have a lot of RL stuff to take care of first. You wouldn't have been the only one to leave around BC. Lots of ppl left around the time Kara came out, because it was to demanding on time to keep up with a hardcore raiding schedule. The game has changed a lot since then, and favors the casual players with RL's ^_^