Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stop Facebook From Using Your Pics in Ads

FYI, facebook by default, uses pics from your profile in advertisements for friends. This is an option that is enabled by default, and you have to turn it off to stop it. You may be thinking that it's only for friends, but those are still your images being used by facebook in their advertisements. I don't see anyone getting payed for it -_- . So I will describe how to turn this off.

1. go to your settings
2. privacy
3. news feed and wall
4. facebook ads
5. uncheck the box to appear in facebook ads

viola! they wont be stealing your pics anymore for their ads. ;) As always, if you need help, just comment. And also as always, criticism is appreciated.


Jessica Hunter said...

thanks for the info =D

Bailey Baretto said...

thanks for sharing this information. I changed my account to private as well :) good day

Russ said...

Thanks so so much for sharing this one.Ü I'll work on it a bit. Hoppin'. Hope you don't mind me snoopin' around.

chris said...

Hi Russ, nah I don't mind.. look around all you want :)

jiggins said...

yeah i did that facebook change a few months ago when i found out as well. I am public enough as it is! good lookin out!

chris said...

yeah, here i thought that my facebook was set to friends only.. then i find out that they could be using photos of me to advertise to my friends. It may only be just my friends, but leave my photos out of your advertisements.

Maggie said...

Nice site! =) Thanks for the information. Look forward to reading more about you!

MMO said...

thanks for your site

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you are always welcome to me.

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jenie said...

really helpful...thanks for the thoughfulness in sharing them!=)

jenie said...

BTW cris...maybe instead of answering back the comments can come instead and visit and answer in our page=) (just a thought....i just noticed), and it's best if you do so as a comment as well?

anyways...good day and hope to read more of your blogs!

Paulette said...

wow chris!! thanks so much for posting this! i didnt know that this was happening!!!! thanks so much!!

can i post this in my blog too so my friends can read about it??

chris said...

sure, feel free to link or repost :)