Friday, September 04, 2009

Link Exchanges

I would like you, the reader, to give me your opinion on something.

I recently read an article .. sorry no link to it.. that talked about the best way to make your blog layout. The article stated that when you link to someone else's blog, that you shouldn't make that blog open in a new page, but in the existing page. This goes against anything I've read about setting links up on blogs. I've read that you should have those links open in a new page, so that the reader doesn't get lost or moved away from your own blog, and they still get to see the blog you have linked to. The argument that the article i read made, is that yes it will take the user away from your site, but that it's also morally wrong to force the reader, somewhat, to stay on your page.

My question to you, is what do you think? Should I make all links to other people's blogs open on the existing page, or on a separate page? To those of you that I already link or post your blog badge, how do you feel about my method of posting them?

Personally, I prefer when browsing someone else's page to have all links open in a separate window. This is because I hate having to use the back button.

To those of u that don't know, link exchanges are an excellent way to raise your google page rank. By hosting a link to someones page, and they urs, you are helping each other become more easily findable in google searches. It can help bring readers to your site as well, but it's more important in raising your page rank.

If you would like to find all of the blogs that I've exchange links with, and also other blog badges, you can find those under blog topics --> blogs & blog badges.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Today is Sept. 2, and what does this mean?? That open beta for Aion starts in 4 more days!! :) Aion is the next big MMO on people's lips right now. Not even warhammer had this much talk about it when it was still in beta. I wont even talk about warhammer after release, cuz it was utter junk. This new MMO seems to have what a lot of other great MMO's have, and then some. You may have noticed something in the image above, she has wings! Now wings are epic and all, but how about the ability to fight while your flying! Now that's really epic.

Now this game will never pass WoW up in my heart, nor do I think it has the chance of ever topping wow, or lasting as long. But for now, this looks like a great game that I can't wait to get my hands on in beta. In this post I'll try to gather as much things together for you, my reader, so that you don't have to dig to much for it. I hope to see you in beta. I'll more then likely be playing a Cleric name seokid, or tohaku.

Aion Website, keep your eyes open here for beta signups

Aion Official Trailer

Download Beta Client Here -filesize= 9gigs

Classes (4 main classes, at lvl 10, each class gets to choose 1 of 2 subclasses):

Aion Classes Preview Video

Mages have weak physical combat ability but they can launch devastatingly powerful magic attacks, they are the primary ranged magical damage dealers. There are two specializations possible for mages: Spiritmasters and Sorcerers.

Spiritual warriors, priests can use healing and self-protection spells to excel in melee combat, and launch powerful ranged magic attacks too. This makes them not only useful support characters in a party of adventurers, but also powerful combatants in their own right. There are two priest specializations: Clerics and Chanters

The scout combines great agility with swift attacks. Scouts must specialize into one of two sub-classes: Ranger or Assassin

Warriors excel in close-quarter combat. Strong performers in a wide range of situations, Warriors are relatively easy to master. Warriors must specialize into one of two sub-classes: gladiators, who concentrate on dealing damage (DPS), or templars, who combine fierce fighting with defensive chants and techniques (tanks).

Monday, August 31, 2009

This season looks to be very epic! It looks like a rival guild has appeared to take on our fav. guildies, and our guildies appear to be having a little personal drama. Vork our fav. guild leader is leaving because he feels he has let the guild down. Claire's husband is buckling down and telling her she needs to spend more time with the family and not in game. Felica, I mean Codex, is playing basketball outside with Tinkerbella! The new WoW expansion is going to be chaos, and now their is chaos happening with the guildies.

This series is really great, and has it's grassroots with the fans. I recommend you watch it. The new season airs on msn video tomorrow, sept 1st. For people who have an xbox, and an xbox live gold membership, you can view the video already on there. I can't wait to re-watch this video, and will post a link up to it tomorrow!

Sac-Anime Skits

So I do not have any pics yet from Sac-Anime 2009. I took like 81 pictures with my little Exilim camera, and they all turned out blurry. I blame it all on poor lighting on the stage, my cameras auto focus was getting it all wrong. So I will be keeping my eyes open for pictures that other people got, I saw a lot of nice cameras lined up in the front row, don't dissapoint me! haha

So instead of posting pictures, I'll link to some video that I shot of the skits performed on stage. Sorry that the video is a little blurry, it to was taking with my Exilim.

Some dancing, dunno what from

Kingdom Hearts Skit

God of War Skit

Batman Meets Starwars

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I went to anime-con in Sacramento this last Sat. and had a blast. The above video is exactly what I heard and saw for about 70% of my day. Kinda cute in a way, and really The people in the vid. are from different anime cons, and not the one that I went to. Enjoy, and I hope it gets stuck in your head too!