Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fushigi Yuugi..... Remembering

Sighh.. how refreshing to stay up past midnight watching anime. I can't remember when the last time I did that was.. hmm may have been with Elfen Lied. But really, I just finished watching Fushigi Yuugi, OVA3. This was the one and only part of the series that I had never seen, but wanted to. This was a series recommended to me by my gf at the time, and I really loved it. I would stay up late at night to watch it, and wouldn't want to stop. I think the 3rd installment of the OVA's, was a good revisit to the past. Tamahome and Miaka get married of course, but right of the bat, Tamahome is forced to return to his world due to another girls jealousy. Did I forget to mention that Miaka is pregnant!! It's in the old world where things start falling into place. It has been 10 years in that world since last seen. It plays out in a way that is heartwarming to see old friendships reborn. Watching an anime like this one, especially an old one, reminds oneself of old feelings. You may think you remember how it felt, but sometimes little things serve as very good reminders. You relive the past.

I'm also getting back into eurobeat. Thanks to my brother for playing some the other day, it really got me craving some Initial D which also shares a history with me.

Well anyways.. if I don't start watching another anime series, I should really just goo to bed, lol.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Anime pic of the week!

So I've decided to post one good anime pic every friday. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes, but I'm always stumbling across really good anime pics that I like.

The one today, is one that I've had for a while now. I really like it cuz if you notice, he's working on an Rx-7 ^_^

Simple Haiku

A haiku for, for those who don't know, is a poem with the structure of 5..7..5. That's 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and then 5 again. Below is one I came up real quick with.

Only in my dreams
Can I hold your hand, while
my eyes take you in


And next week be ready for a sonnet!! Well, maybe not (>_<")

I'm Such a Nerd

As some may now, I recently bought a new 32" tv. The specs on it aren't the greatest, but for the price and it being an hd tv, it was unbeatable.

Well no matter how much I can't get enough using it now, I'm ready for my next idea! I want to buy a dedicated desktop computer to be hooked up to the tv. Why wont I build it myself? Well I'll wait til later to build an uber kickass desktop. I've already seen the pre-made desktop that would be great, at best buy for 900 bucks. Can you image, just have a computer hooked to the tv as the central hub of my house network. I can access all the shared files off of all 5 or 6 computers in the house. That means I could stream all kinds of music, or downloaded movies. We are always watching movies on our laptops, why not give that up and watch it on the big screen! Plus, if I'm bored, I could just load up some WoW or other computer game. Most tv shows now are streamed for free online. So if I'm late to watch one, oh wells, I could log onto their website and watch it on the tv anyways. Now for a setup like this, the less cords the better. So it'll be controlled through a wireless keyboard and mouse. It'll also have a wireless card in it for the internet. Oh I also forgot to mention that if I dl some emulators and ROMS, you'll see me playing some old school nintendo or sega on the tv with wireless or wired, controllers!

Sighhh, it'll be a while though lol

Anime Fish

I thought this pic was cool, so I had to share it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Page Badge

This is another minor update. I was debating on whether or not I should wait til I make other changes, before posting another update. If you look along the right side of my page, you will the the code for my page badge. Basically it's just an image linking back to my blog. You can put that anywhere on your site, and as a trade off, I'll post yours on my blog as well.

Now the reason we do this, is that it helps build up your page rank with google. Now you'll have a little better of a chance of being found by the search engine. Plus, that badges are nifty to have.

You can find other peoples badges on my site; by going to Blog Topics, and scrolling to blogger badges. If you would like me to host yours, just msg me, and I'll be glad to.

Computer Virus

So today has been a pretty hectic, yet slow, day at work. More hectic for my boss than anyone else. Our server has been down since yesterday. What started out as being an accidental file deletion using norton, turned into a full fledged not having email, and the company website wouldn't work. My boss ran another scan, and found two viruses on the machine that he removed, but nothing wanted to work still. It has gotten to the point that he has said screw it, and we wont work on it til monday. Our progression is up, but email and website still down. I guess we are going to have to rebuild some of the webpages and redo pwds. 2 days is going to be a while without those things, since we use them a lot.

The image above is not a computer virus, lol. It's the T-Virus from Resident Evil. While looking for that pic, I also found the one below. Can you believe they have a T-Virus energy drink now. XD Well I guess I could believe it. It is said to have a cherry 7-up kind of flavor, but watered down. So you decide.


So I got in a car wreck yesterday. Yeah, ik, wth right. What sucks is that the damage is on the front, and I'm the one who hit the other person, so it's technically my fault.

What happened was that I was behind a Jag, who was behind an old chevy pickup. We three were going to take the offramp for redtop road. Well a power washer fell out of the old pickup truck and into out lane. The lady in front of me went around it, and I followed her. Well what she did next.. !@$@#%$!$@#$@$!@!!!!! .. she stopped right in front of me. Sucky part is that it was gravel so I pretty much just slid right into the back of her. Ughhh. Well after talking to my insurance, they are going to look into seeing if it is the other guys fault for dropping the power washer on the highway. I go tomorrow to get the assessment done on my car. Just hope I can get it fixed soon, and behind me.

This hasn't been my month, seriously. I'm already busy with school this summer, and have "other" stresses going on. I just bought a new radiator for my car when it went out two weeks ago. ugh XD. I'm trying to save money for blizzcon this august.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anime, How it all Started

To get into anime, I think you have to know someone who is into it, so they can get you started. I had watched anime when I was younger: DBZ, Gundam 0082, Outlaw Star, and Cowboy Bebop. However at the time, I wasn't an anime fan just yet. It took meeting one of my best friends in HS, who was also into anime. He had a lot of disks of his own, as well as his brothers. I ended up borrowing three episodes that pulled me into the world of the otaku. These 3 eps were Love Hina Again. They were the end of a long series, and after watching them, I had to see the rest of it.

Love Hina isn't for the timid either. At the time, all of the echie in it made me go OMG, cool. LoL. Now echie doesn't bother me. Panty shots, skimpy clothes, it's all part of the deal.

After Love Hina, I believe the next anime series I watched was Fushigi Yugi. My girlfriend at the time was a big fan of it, and let me borrow all of her disks. Needless to say, I would stay up all night watching the episodes back to back.

It was around this time that I started watching one of my most fav. animes ever, Initial D. Some car fans don't like calling it anime, but it is. It also helped that my gf was into it as well, so we would watch eps together and get into big discussions on racing mechanics, and different drama going on in the anime.

Now, I have gotten my sister into anime. I pulled her in using D-greyman, and vampire rosario. What started out being anime nights together, turned into me getting home and her recommending a whole slew of different animes that she has seen as well as where to see them. Now my sister wants to hit up anicons, and dress up.

So my recommendation, sit down with a friend, and prepare for a night of some good anime.

Anime Bed Sheets

So I found this image in google images, that links back to sanrio blogger. I have to say, I think these are actually a little cool. I wouldn't say I'm sexually interested in them at all, but more so that I'm an anime fan and that these are cute. They have full body length pillows, with images, as well. I wouldn't mind owning a pair of sheets like these, just to satisfy the anime fan in me. Although I don't think I'd put them on my bed, cuz at the same time this is something I look at and think that these would only be seen on a girls bed. I can't have that! haha

Follow Me!

I have finally added the follow widget, which you can find below the comment box. It may be a little hard to see until someone follows me, but it's there. I had a couple people ask about link exchanges, so I think it's only fair to have that box there for other people to find their blogs. I have to contribute to blog hopping somehow ;)
If you don't want people linking to your blog, you don't have to click the follow me button.

BTW, the green ranger rocks!

Monday, June 15, 2009

WoW gamer fuel

I don't normally post clips from youtube on here, but this one was a must. Mountain Dew has finally released their commercial for WoW Gamer Fuel. For the horde!! oh and side note, girl gamers are hot ^_^

weekend report

I've already written a post of what i had planned for the weekend, but I've decided to write one on some of the details.

I put the picture of the baby deer, because I kept seeing a mama deer and her baby, walking around the area where my dads house is at. It was really neat to see the mama deer with the baby deer waddling along behind her. The area is also really nice, like a peaceful getaway, it's so quiet. It even gets very dark at night, so dark that you can't see your hand in front of your face. It reminds me of camping, but with a house.

Sat. night, I only got like 3 hours of sleep if that. I am used to it, being a gamer and all, but it still sucked. We went to my dad's friends house who lives up there, and while I was there I downed a whole thing of NOS energy drink. The NOS by itself wired me up because I don't drink them anymore. They started doing Jager Bombs. Long story short, I had two of them. I was sooo wired, it was hard to sit still. When we got to the house, I watched a movie til 2am, and then just sat there til 5:30.

My new tv is hella sweet, so much better than the old one me and my brother shared. I ended up getting a newer model than the one I was looking at, for like 4 dollars less. Hell of a good deal. I stayed up till 5 am playing Fear 2 on the xbox because of that new tv. Take note I was still at my house and not my dads place, or I would have played Fear 2 all sat night as well :P

For any of you that has seen XxX with Vin Diesal; do you remember the scene near the beginning where he jumped off the bridge on the back of the corvette, and then parachuted down. I think they even had Tony Hawk driving the getaway car. Well, I drove across that same bridge this last weekend. You have to drive across it to get to my dads house. Turns out that this bridge is the tallest bridge in CA. Food for thought ;)