Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Computer Virus

So today has been a pretty hectic, yet slow, day at work. More hectic for my boss than anyone else. Our server has been down since yesterday. What started out as being an accidental file deletion using norton, turned into a full fledged not having email, and the company website wouldn't work. My boss ran another scan, and found two viruses on the machine that he removed, but nothing wanted to work still. It has gotten to the point that he has said screw it, and we wont work on it til monday. Our progression is up, but email and website still down. I guess we are going to have to rebuild some of the webpages and redo pwds. 2 days is going to be a while without those things, since we use them a lot.

The image above is not a computer virus, lol. It's the T-Virus from Resident Evil. While looking for that pic, I also found the one below. Can you believe they have a T-Virus energy drink now. XD Well I guess I could believe it. It is said to have a cherry 7-up kind of flavor, but watered down. So you decide.

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