Monday, June 15, 2009

weekend report

I've already written a post of what i had planned for the weekend, but I've decided to write one on some of the details.

I put the picture of the baby deer, because I kept seeing a mama deer and her baby, walking around the area where my dads house is at. It was really neat to see the mama deer with the baby deer waddling along behind her. The area is also really nice, like a peaceful getaway, it's so quiet. It even gets very dark at night, so dark that you can't see your hand in front of your face. It reminds me of camping, but with a house.

Sat. night, I only got like 3 hours of sleep if that. I am used to it, being a gamer and all, but it still sucked. We went to my dad's friends house who lives up there, and while I was there I downed a whole thing of NOS energy drink. The NOS by itself wired me up because I don't drink them anymore. They started doing Jager Bombs. Long story short, I had two of them. I was sooo wired, it was hard to sit still. When we got to the house, I watched a movie til 2am, and then just sat there til 5:30.

My new tv is hella sweet, so much better than the old one me and my brother shared. I ended up getting a newer model than the one I was looking at, for like 4 dollars less. Hell of a good deal. I stayed up till 5 am playing Fear 2 on the xbox because of that new tv. Take note I was still at my house and not my dads place, or I would have played Fear 2 all sat night as well :P

For any of you that has seen XxX with Vin Diesal; do you remember the scene near the beginning where he jumped off the bridge on the back of the corvette, and then parachuted down. I think they even had Tony Hawk driving the getaway car. Well, I drove across that same bridge this last weekend. You have to drive across it to get to my dads house. Turns out that this bridge is the tallest bridge in CA. Food for thought ;)

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