Friday, June 12, 2009

To move?

So I was doing some research today, and I really wonder if I should move this blog to a webhost. See I want to make a profile for career opportunities, and webhosting can help with that. I could have my profile at , while my blog is at

I'm sure you can see where my logic is at here. Much simpler, and a little more professional. I would end up spending $10 more a year; I'm currently paying $10 now for google's services. I really wish google would offer webhosting. It would make life so much simpler. If I did choose to switch to webhosting, it wouldn't be to hard to import this blog, onto that server. So I have no worries over losing anything old. It almost seems like a little bit of a headache though, especially since I've been trying to draw traffic to my blog

I think it really comes down to when I have my portfolio made and ready to be posted. Because at that time I will be weighing my options on how to host it, and at the same time integrate it in with my existing domain name. It may be a while until then, because I am going to build my whole portfolio site in flash. Yeah, gotta show off some of my computer skills ;)

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