Sunday, June 07, 2009

New navbar!!

Ik I haven't been blogging alllllll weekend. I actually logged on once to reply to a couple of people, and that was it. I will post on the b-day party I went to, as soon as I get the pictures. I think I'll have to steal them off of my moms facebook :P

Now for the update! I finally got a new navbar on this site that works with Internet Explorer! This has been one of my biggest gripes since coming back to this blog. After seeing the code, what I needed wasn't to bad, and I could have used my old navbar style. But this new navbar is centuries better. I wish I would have left my window open. That way I could provide a link to the tutorial, for other people who wish to add one to their site as well. Because I didn't provide the link, and because the code was verryyy good; if you email me, I'll mail you back that code that I used. I'll black out my links of course, but at least this way you can get one too. I will not post a tutorial up because it is not mine originally. Maybe one day I can come up with my own ideas to provide on the matter. Well good night all, best of wishes to the end of your weekend.

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