Monday, June 06, 2011

Gaming Blog...

I've always wanted to start a 2nd blog devote to gaming. I don't like posting anything gaming related to this blog, because it floods all of my other posts and pushes them further down to other pages. In the past I would solve that problem by posting less on games, but then I'd sit there wanting to post something grand but stopping myself from doing it. I'm an avid MMO player and most MMO's are starting to have a feature that posts in game events to outside social platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr... oh and I can't forget Facebook! I see that in one game I'm playing called Rift, and the new Star Wars MMO, SWTOR, will also have that feature as well.

Long story short, I've created a simple tumblr blog dedicated to gaming. Now when I have gaming news, I can post it there instead of on this blog. Maybe that's why I have yet to fix the code on this blog, after breaking my old design XD