Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cal HW #10

Hitler Meets Server 03

This is a video that was made by a classmate in my windows server security class. We had difficulty at the beginning of class getting our hands on server 03 to go along with our book. Microsoft had stopped supporting 03 and shifted all support to 08. That's all fine, except that our book is specifically tailored to 03. In the end we got installations of 03 on our machines.. so this video is Hitlers response to that fact.

Thursday, February 04, 2010 teen suicide

Here's a story that may hit a little closer to home with all you bloggers and vloggers out there. It hits closer to home with me, because I myself have started to become increasingly interested in live streaming video(as you can see on my blog).

For those that haven't seen this story, a young adult(19 years old), committed suicide on live video stream. The picture above shows the guy passed out on his bed being streamed live. Apparently, he overdosed on a bunch of depression meds, and then went on camera to tell everyone what he had done. Now the internet isn't a very good place. Sadly most ppl watching the video called foul, and even egged him on to take more. He then passes out on his bed and a good 2 hours pass before anyone ever called the police. You can even see on camera when the police and paramedics get there and turn off the camera. The comments turned from OMG he's not breathing, to, did he really do it?? Well he did do it, and every single person who watched the live stream is an idiot. At least the admins of could have been notified immediately so they could take action. If the ppl watching had taken action, he would have lived. The dad tells reporters that his son was studying to be a paramedic, and was fighting bipolar depression.

I read some news reports that want to put blame on, but I don't think anything will happen to them, nor should it. They took the video down immediately. It's just the nature of the internet that as soon as the video was up, that it spread. I have seen the video, which was posted to a subaru thread. If you want to see for it, you'll have to hunt for it yourself.. I'm not gonna spread the link anymore out there than it already is.

Friday, January 22, 2010


So here's a quick demo of the UStream app here on my blog. I was undecided whether I should post my youtube channel or my ustream channel... but ultimately ustream was a lot cooler. If you take a look at the ustream app, more than likely it says it's offline and will have links to past videos. If it says someone is online and has a play button, then that means I am currently streaming something live from my webcam or iphone. I don't even have to save the video for it to show on ustream, I can just be streaming it live on my phone, and the best part, it's free! :) When you watch the video embedded below, keep an eye on the ustream app in the video.. you will be able to get an idea on how it works with my phone.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clannad=Greatest Anime Ever!

This is an anime series that I recently finished watching, and I have to say that it was amazing. This is by far one of my top favorites, and one I wouldn't mind watching again. I found the above video on youtube, and mad props to the poster, cuz those are some of the best songs off the OST. This is on my to buy list.. although only the first season is out on DVD. You would have to watch fansubs to see the second season. It's to bad that there is no english manga for this out. If you want to see more info on this anime, click the link in the sidebar to the right. It's listed under anime of the year. It'll take you straight to an info page for this anime.

Oh and fair warning, this will probably be one of the saddest animes you have ever seen. So if you cry, don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Going through changes

Seems like I just posted something like this recently :P But I'm currently wrking on changing the theme of my blog. I have an idea sketched down on paper, so now I just have to take that sketch and apply it to the web. The blog may look disorganized until the end of the week because I'll be wrking on it in splotches. I'll be adding a list of changes to this post as they happen to the blog.

List of changes
backed up old them
new them uploaded
set up sidebar formatting
added ustream!
added some widgets
worked on navbar
more cleanup
wrking on new header
Search Engine Optimization

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jailbroken Iphone

The above pic shows some of the programs I've used in jailbreaking my iphone, like blackra1n and cydia. The terminal in the pic is used to change your default root password

I don't know why it's taken me so long to jailbreak my iphone being as curious as I am. I think it was the scare of bricking my only phone aka lifeline :) , that has kept me from doing it. The thought of playing mario and older NES games on my iphone is what one me over. Plus I read up on some things to do at the command line that I found really intriguing.

If you are considering jailbreaking your iphone, think about why you want to do it first and if it's possible to do without jailbreaking. It's awesome to have an open and "FREE!" iphone, but it's now also open to more security threats. Not to mention that you may end up turning your iphone into a fancy paperweight.

If I haven't scared you yet, and you still want to jailbreak your iphone, I'll point you to some of the sources that I used when Jailbreaking my iphone. Now mind you my iphone is version 3.1.2. If you are an older version of iphone you may want to update it before applying the hack. There have been reports of problems where iphones that were jailbroken, not working after the update.

I used a program called Blackrain to jailbreak the iphone. It's very simple to do and was in fact done from a computer that wasn't my main one. Firstly have your iphone connected to your computer with it's cord. Then download and run the blackrain program. A simple box with one button will open the button. Voila your phone is cracked :) yes that simple.

Now your phone is going to reboot, and you will notice that the blackra1n pic shows while your iphone loads.. don't panic and yell hax! it's ok. When your iphone is finally booted all the way up and you are logged in; you will find an application titled blackra1n. Go ahead and run that app. It will give you 3 options, select hacker. You will need the command line to change your root password later. When it came to packages, I downloaded the cydia package. You also have the option here to unlock your iphone so you can use it on different carriers other than ATT

Your basically done and free to do whatever you want with your phone. I recommend you poke around the packages and find things to install and play with. I also have links at the bottom of this post that you should look through. They talk about securing your iphone now that you've made it a little more vulnerable.

blackra1n website
securing your iphone article
changing your root password here

happy cracking
if you need any help, feel free to ask in the comments.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Years!

I know I'm a few days off the ball, but happy new years everyone! Hope everyone had a good time and ended the year with a bang. Thanks for the new year wishes @maggie and @maxivelasco. Also thanks to my friends on FB.

So this year is a great year, I've been waiting for this year for the past..iono.. 7 years, haha. Why? well it's the year of the tiger! I was born in 86, so that means this is my year :) No offense, but tiger is the coolest year of them all ;P

This year may have just started, but time is already looking scarce.. it could just be the time of year. But just in this month, wrk is going to get busier, I have school starting, and the new arena season for WoW starts. Gonna have to be at the top of my game for all 3 of those.

So for anyone who wants to know my new years resolution, how about one for my blog :)

    This year, for my blog, I will get my hands dirty with some photoshop and create a new design for the blog