Thursday, February 04, 2010 teen suicide

Here's a story that may hit a little closer to home with all you bloggers and vloggers out there. It hits closer to home with me, because I myself have started to become increasingly interested in live streaming video(as you can see on my blog).

For those that haven't seen this story, a young adult(19 years old), committed suicide on live video stream. The picture above shows the guy passed out on his bed being streamed live. Apparently, he overdosed on a bunch of depression meds, and then went on camera to tell everyone what he had done. Now the internet isn't a very good place. Sadly most ppl watching the video called foul, and even egged him on to take more. He then passes out on his bed and a good 2 hours pass before anyone ever called the police. You can even see on camera when the police and paramedics get there and turn off the camera. The comments turned from OMG he's not breathing, to, did he really do it?? Well he did do it, and every single person who watched the live stream is an idiot. At least the admins of could have been notified immediately so they could take action. If the ppl watching had taken action, he would have lived. The dad tells reporters that his son was studying to be a paramedic, and was fighting bipolar depression.

I read some news reports that want to put blame on, but I don't think anything will happen to them, nor should it. They took the video down immediately. It's just the nature of the internet that as soon as the video was up, that it spread. I have seen the video, which was posted to a subaru thread. If you want to see for it, you'll have to hunt for it yourself.. I'm not gonna spread the link anymore out there than it already is.


Anonymous said...

That is awful.

But you are right! People should have done something about it, but maybe they though it was all a hoax and that the guy was joking around and that is why no one did anything about it?

That is simply terrible. :(

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Brinda Ravi said...

It's scary when you think about how far the Internet has come and what it actually allows you to do with it. Somebody should have come to help him immediately so he could have lived.

I know it's been a long while since I've written anything but i've been so busy with work and school. I've put up a new entry and I do do you'll like it. Take care!