Wednesday, May 30, 2007

About Me:

Hajimemashte, my name is Chris. I'm a big tech nerd and otaku. 90% of what you'll see on my blog will be about one of those two things. No I do not speak Japanese, anything that I do know, I have learned off of the shows that I watch. I have also never been to Japan, but as soon as an opportunity comes, I'd take it in a heartbeat. My current job experience is maintaining a company website and building databases.

Other than working full time, I am also going to school at Napa Valley JC. I am a semester away from my AA with most of the lower level required to major in computer sciences.

I'm also a gamer and a world of warcraft player. I seperate the two, because you do not have to be a gamer, to play WoW. I am currently the leader of a small guild named Noxious. I am starting this guild with some real life friends who all plan to mainly focus on pvp. They all possess a great deal of knowledge on pvp, much more than me, and I hope to build upon that and recruit more people into the guild.

If there is anything else about me that I have not stated here, it will be in my blog.