Friday, August 28, 2009

Anime pic of the week!

I should probably rename these posts to anime pic of "random" weeks, haha. I haven't posted one in the longest time. Although considering I will be going to an anime con in sacramento this saturday, it's only fitting that I post something having to do with anime.

This pic is from H20, Footprints in the Sand. This anime came highly recommended to me from one of my close friends. He has yet to let me down on any of his anime recommendations, so I can't wait to give this one a watch.

Keisuke and Kyoko

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miata Rough Idle

My Miata has been idling roughly for a while now, but it never happened very often. When I went to go get myself some tacos from Jack N the Box the other night, she idled terribly, and the CEL (check engine light) came on. I scanned my car to get the code, P0300, which is the code for multiple cylinder misfire. I knew that one of the things I've been meaning to do is change my plugs and wires.. and I did. She ran fine that night, and throughout the next day. It wasn't until the night of the next day where I thought I was going to have problems again. She would start to idle sooo low, that it felt like she would stall when I would stop at lights and signs. So I got her home and now she is parked.

After doing some research, I've found out that the 99 and 2000 Miatas have problems with their coil packs. That fits my problem well, as a faulty coil pack can cause an engine to misfire. Tonights agenda before class at 7, is to replace my coil pack, air filter, and to clean my o2 sensor and my throttle body. Hopefully this solves my problem, and hopefully I can get it done before class so that I don't have to keep driving around my step moms car.

Will post back with the results, wish me luck!

After replacing the coil, she runs great.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Famous!

Ok, so even though I'm all famous and shit now, don't worry, I still love all of I found this photo when poking through gamestops pictures. They emailed me this morning with links to them. You can totally find me in this pic.. and the corner of the back of my brothers head.. but I'm pretty noticeable! As I've said on my Facebook, the person who finds me... gets a cookie!! haha

Jay Mohr Hosting Blizzcon

Comedian Jay Mohr was the host for the competitions we watched on Friday night. This included the dance contest, sound alike contest, and the costume contest.

From what I hear, I guess most people have more crap to say than good stuff about him this year. Personally, I thought he was great! There were some moments there when I and everyone else would be like huhhh, but then Jay wouldn't miss a beat and keep the ball rolling. Pertaining to the comments about Jay being a racist and a sexist, well to all of you saying that, have you ever been to a comedy club! It usually gets wayyyyy worse than what Jay was saying. So what he'd hit on the girls on stage at least he was fair and would hit on the ugly ones too! It was all in fun, and it looked like the girls were fine on stage. Plus, what nerd there wasn't checking the girls out, he was vocalizing out thoughts! lol

well I have posted a clip below from this last weekend, as well as links to his website, and twitter. It was funny because he announced his twitter name 20 million times during the show just to see how many followed him after.

Diablo 3's recently announced class

I have been talking a lot about World of Warcraft since I've been back from Blizzcon. But there are other great announcements to be had from Blizzcon. One of these pertaining to Diablo 3, which I was a Diablo player before I was a WoW player.

Last year they announced the Witch Doctor and Wizard classes. I got to play with the wizard class this year, which reminds me a lot of playing with my mage in WoW. This year, they announced another new class for Diablo 3, the Monk class!

I have posted the new trailer for the class below, as well as a link to the main site for the Monk.

-Diablo 3 Site- Monk-

What is Blizzcon

So I have been posting so many different things about I'm not done yet,to much to talk about... but someone reading all of these posts may still be wondering what the hell Blizzcon is. I've been searching for this video clip I saw at Blizzcon where I'm in the BG... even though you can't see me, I'm there! lol. It still hasn't been uploaded, so instead, I have found the below video which gives a pretty good feel for what to expect.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't Make Me Get My Main

By far the most epic vid at Blizzcon. This took 2nd place in the vid competition.

Lvl 80 ETC!

So the lvl 80 ETC played at Blizzcon this year... surprise, surprise haha. But I love there music, so here are a few links from what they sang.

Just so you know, Lvl 80 ETC are all Blizzard employees. The President, and co-founder of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime is the guy on Bass.

Power of the Horde

I am Murloc

Rouges do it From Behind

Terran up the Night

Next Expansion!

Check out the totally new epic expansion for world of warcraft, set to be released next year! I'm totally crazy and ready for this xpac!


So some of you may know that the Prince of Darkness paid all of us Blizzconners a visit! He put on a l33t show. The crowd was nuts to see him hit the stage! I was bummed towards the end of the show, while waiting for him to play Crazy Train. I mean, it is the iconic song of Ozzy's for us Blizzconners because of the commercial he was in. Well he did the typical walk off the stage and come back with the one more song. This time he brought out a 7 year old Japanese boy, Yuto Miyaza to play guitar! The kid was totally awesome! If you can see me in the front, let me know. I'm somewhere off to the right, lol.


The free pet this year for either going to Blizzcon, or watching the live stream, was Grunty the murloc marine!!! I finally got to play with mine last night, and he's really cool. Sometimes he will shoot uncontrollably, or even launch a grenade into the air! This pet is really cool, I can't wait to stand in the middle of a city and just let people oogle all over him! :)

Live Raid!

One of the last events to be held at blizzcon 09, was the live raid. We were schedualed to watch the guild, Premonition, take down Cthun, KilJaedon, and Algolon. 3 of the biggest, baddest, bosses during certain periods of WoW. The guild said that would be to easy, and instead were pitted against different line ups of WoW's hardcore bosses.

It was 25 members from premo, pitted against whatever 3 GM's threw at them. For some of you who play WoW, you may remember the old dragons in Azeroth. You know, the ones guarding the portals. Those dragons are still considered hardcore, even for us 20 levels above them. Now imagine fighting all 4 at once! Now imagine taking them out like cake walk!

Premo fought multiple rounds, but their biggest difficulty came when fighting Thaddius, Anub, and Patchwork, all at the same time! There was an instant when everyone gasped just as the polarity changed on Thaddius, and Anub knocked half the raid in the air at the same time. We thought that was going to be a wipe. I highly recommend that you watch the fights.

If you're wondering why I put a pic of hogger at the beginning of this post, well that's the one boss that they couldn't take down! Hogger is still number one!

This first link is a stream. Just click on the on demand at the bottom. then advance the video 28 mins to see the actual fight.

Live Stream

This second link is actually a download of the above video. I haven't tested it yet, but I've read that it works.

Download Video

For those interested in checking the guild out, they have their own website!

Premonition on US Sen'Jin

Cosplay at Blizzcon 09

Yeah! everyones favorite part, cosplay pictures!! How do you like my cosplay pic.. yeah baby! your looking at the next lich king! lol. Actually it was on display. My mom saw this and wanted to know what the "sword of truth" was doing with a noob! ugh! 2 points: it's not the sword of truth, and I'm not a nub! lol

So as for the really cool looking pics of cosplayers, let me say that I didn't take all of these myself. I didn't take very many photos actually, just a few with my iphone to upload to my facebook. But these pics do look awesome, and it gives you a feel for some of the cosplay that was out there.

Make sure to check back, cuz I might find some more pics later

Click here to see blizzcon 09 photos!

Click here for a video of the cosplay

I have added in the below slide show from my blizzcon 2009 album on flickr. So you can either follow the link, or just watch the slide show ;)

Created with flickr slideshow.


So today Blizzcon 2009 has come and gone! It's a sad dayyy, the weekend went way too fast.
I am really far behind on my posts, and have so much to tell! Honest to truth, I wish I could have blogged at the end of my day about my adventures at Blizzcon. But, the hotel I stayed at charges 40 bucks a night for internet access. So I didn't even play WoW the whole time I was there!!
There is so much that I have to share from this weekend, that I'll split each thing up into different posts. I'll add a subject blizzcon 09 to my navbar, for quick access to all the posts about Blizzcon.