Monday, August 24, 2009

Cosplay at Blizzcon 09

Yeah! everyones favorite part, cosplay pictures!! How do you like my cosplay pic.. yeah baby! your looking at the next lich king! lol. Actually it was on display. My mom saw this and wanted to know what the "sword of truth" was doing with a noob! ugh! 2 points: it's not the sword of truth, and I'm not a nub! lol

So as for the really cool looking pics of cosplayers, let me say that I didn't take all of these myself. I didn't take very many photos actually, just a few with my iphone to upload to my facebook. But these pics do look awesome, and it gives you a feel for some of the cosplay that was out there.

Make sure to check back, cuz I might find some more pics later

Click here to see blizzcon 09 photos!

Click here for a video of the cosplay

I have added in the below slide show from my blizzcon 2009 album on flickr. So you can either follow the link, or just watch the slide show ;)

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Maggie said...

You look awesome!!