Monday, August 17, 2009

Do You Wanna Date my Avatar???

So i've heard by word of mouth about the guild putting out their own music video, and this morning posted it! The video has Felicia day doing vocals, with the rest of the cast dancing around. Might i add Tinkerbella looking very finee in the BG with her dancing crew. There is also a scene where Zaboo and Vork throw it down. You might be wondering where Bladez was at... looking good for the camera of course! lol

I'm looking forward to meeting the cast of the guild when I go to blizzcon. I've been a fan of their series since day one. Hopefully I'll go home with some autographs, or better yet, pictures with the cast!

I think this vid was pretty epic, and anyone who plays an MMO will get a good laugh out of it. For those curious about their web series, you can watch it at I'm certain you'll love the series.

"Grab your mouse and stroke your keys. Here in cyberspace, there's no disease." -Felicia Day