Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Thoughts on Aion

Instead of going through a whole list of what I like and dislike, I thought I'd just link a convo that I had not to long ago for you to peruse. Now this isn't everything I'm sure, but it's all I could think of at the time of the convo.

15:31] Erica: hey
[15:31] Erica: what's up???

[15:32] chris: nada
[15:32] chris: u?

[15:32] Erica: just got your text
[15:32] chris: yeahhh
[15:32] chris: pvpve
[15:32] chris: ^_^
[15:32] chris: pretty tight
[15:33] chris: it's the type of dungeon found in aion
[15:33] chris: if u break it down.. it's pvp pve

[15:33] Erica: that's what i thought
[15:34] chris: meaning that as ur rushing down a tunnel to go fight a boss... u might have the other faction pop out of an adjacent tunnel going to the same boss
[15:34] Erica: hmmm
[15:34] chris: meaning u have to fight them
[15:34] chris: to get to the boss

[15:34] Erica: oh wow!
[15:34] chris: so ur fighting for control of a dungeon
[15:34] Erica: sounds crazy
[15:34] chris: hell yeah
[15:35] Erica: sounds cool
[15:35] Erica: adrenaline rush to the fullest
[15:36] Erica:

[15:36] chris: mmmhm
[15:36] chris: that's what I'm thinking
[15:36] chris: this is also a game that wants to keep things balanced
[15:36] chris: unlike our server per say
[15:36] chris: where the alliance out number us
[15:36] chris: so their is a fair chance
[15:36] chris: but i also read
[15:36] chris: that the comptuer controlled race
[15:36] chris: the baluar
[15:37] chris: will go mainly after the winning race
[15:37] chris: in fights
[15:37] chris: to help keep things even
[15:37] chris: o.O

[15:38] Erica:!
[15:38] Erica: and not WoW!

[15:38] chris: lol
[15:38] Erica: that sounds like a really gd idea
[15:38] chris: yeah
[15:38] chris: but I've found where I'm a little dissapointed
[15:38] chris: lol
[15:38] chris: finallyyy
[15:39] chris: other than mechanics
[15:39] chris: i want low level dungeons
[15:39] chris: with as long as it takes to level up
[15:39] chris: it would be nice to have a couple of basic dungeons at those levels
[15:39] chris: i mean shit
[15:39] chris: it took me two full days of playing just about all day
[15:39] chris: to hit hmmm
[15:39] chris: 14

[15:40] Erica: awww
[15:40] chris: that may mean learning some of what to do, but I'm a good leveler
[15:40] Erica: overall you say that you are a good leveler...
[15:40] Erica: so it would be nice to have something else for you to do
[15:41] Erica: other then just level

[15:41] chris: well no I'm just saying that I'm a good leveler
[15:41] chris: to show how slow leveling is
[15:41] chris: and how yes it would be ncie to have something break it up a bit
[15:42] chris: and not just a straight grind and quest to the top
[15:42] chris: granted, this is a korean game, and as we know, them koreans do nothing more than freaking grind and become uber great players

[15:42] Erica: yeah that's what i was give you a new challenge
[15:42] chris: butttt, it would still be a nice factor to have for those who would like it
[15:42] chris: just another selling point
[15:44] chris: yeah
[15:44] chris: they do have some challenges
[15:44] chris: i have encountered two world bosses
[15:44] chris: that i would like to take down
[15:45] chris: buttttt meh

[15:45] Erica: oh sweet
[15:45] chris: we have those in wow btw,
[15:45] chris: just somethign where u get a group of 2 or 3 ppl

[15:45] Erica: oh ;(
[15:45] chris: lol
[15:45] chris: it's typical mmo stuff

[15:45] Erica: so nothing new for you.
[15:45] chris: the world bosses
[15:45] chris: nahh
[15:46] chris: most of this stuff isn't new
[15:46] chris: but it has a lot of the better aspects of a lot of it

[15:46] Erica: sooo anything that you are really enjoying?
[15:47] chris: hmmm
[15:47] chris: it's beauty, haha

[15:47] Erica: agree
[15:47] chris: the fantasy setting, with a hint of the anime look
[15:47] chris: lol
[15:47] chris: tickles my fancy

[15:47] Erica: lol
[15:48] Erica: haha....when i did my paper for your hm where i imagine kinda looked like Aion!

[15:48] chris: haha
[15:48] Erica: *our not your
[15:48] chris: right
[15:48] Erica: yup in my floating cloud ....hehe
[15:49] chris: lol
[15:49] chris: satill haven't figured out how to do taht
[15:49] chris: oh you knwo what's cool too
[15:49] chris: for those who like to pvp
[15:49] chris: well one bad thing is that mostly u have to wait til lvl 25 for the brunt of it
[15:49] chris: but ok imagine honor in wow
[15:50] chris: u get honor for killing other faction players

[15:50] Erica: imagining
[15:50] chris: the more .. i forget the name.. say honor u get, the higher u can go in rank.
[15:50] chris: which btw, you can display ur rank next to ur character name
[15:50] chris: while u walk around.... for those ppl pvp oriented

[15:50] Erica: ok
[15:50] chris: buttt
[15:51] chris: it's also difficult for those at a higher rank to keep it

[15:51] Erica: hmmm
[15:51] chris: cuz when u die, you lose some points
[15:51] chris: so if ur a lower rank u lose a few

[15:51] Erica: awww....blows
[15:51] chris: but if ur a higher rank, and u die, u lose a shitload
[15:51] chris: well it puts importance on staying alive
[15:52] chris: also if u spend points on new gear, it is possible to lower a rank.. or ranks.
[15:52] chris: alsoooo
[15:52] chris: the highest rank
[15:52] chris: only one person can be that at a time

[15:52] Erica: oh..
[15:52] chris: oh and if u have that highest rank
[15:52] chris: u can't just camp and not fight anymore
[15:52] chris: in fear of losing it

[15:52] Erica: lol
[15:52] Erica: so me
[15:52] chris: cuz u have to fight to maintain ranks
[15:53] chris: if u stop fighting, u'll start losing ranks
[15:53] chris: so I like the system, u can be on top, but then again there's going to be some turnover among all of the ranks

[15:53] Erica: ok
[15:54] Erica: sounds like it's a way to keep it in "balance"

[15:54] Erica: i like that
[15:54] chris: yeah