Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yayy! I was able to buy my blizzcon tickets online! This will be the first year that I will be going. After what happened last year, I was a little panicky on how things would work out today with tickets. I had myself braced to see that freaking little fail lock.. or to see the site freeze all of a sudden and just all out crash. But surprisingly things ran very smooth, despite it still being a little hectic. The link to buy tickets was posted 2 mins before they were slated to be released, and I was already in the 1300 position in que by the time it clicked over! XD The que system itself was pretty slick. It told you your position in que, time left until you hit the front of the ling (although pretty inaccurate), and it also had a bar on the left showing how many tickets were left. I can say that by 12:14...have of the tickets were already gone. From what i read on they were already in like the 20,000's not long after 10. That's just freaking crazy. Oh wells, the main thing is that I finally get to go this year. Now all I have to do, is provide the names of everyone going with me by June. Then it's just the waiting game until then. Hmmm perhaps come June, I should look for a hotel near the convention. With this economic crises we are in..maybe i can get a room for cheap ;) . (is that wrong to think that :P)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Well as I was taking a quick break today, i decided to upload my gamer info to my blog.  so far i've only been succesful in uploading my xbox info. but i want to also upload my wow information as well.  i found this really cool site that combines your wow info. and turns it into a sig that you can use on forums and blogs.  as you can see above.. that's my main's info.  i would have used that on my side bar.. but it's a little to big XD

Thursday, May 14, 2009


wow i've been blogging like hell today..what is this like my 4th post. it'll slow down.. just gimme like a couple days! :P so yeah i just wanted to of this moment. tech sucks!! s-u-c-k-s.. it just doesn't wanna work for me today. photoshop just doesn't wanna run. i keep getting stuck at the licsense accept screen that keeps resetting. i think i'm gonna need to restart my computer for that. plus im running a virus scanner right now.. thanks to that trojan that hit earlier. im paranoid now. my precious iphone started getting some crappy service. Kept hearing this jarbling sound. then my phone would cut out. of course she's having an "emotional" day.. so "i don't wanna talk to her".. <-- it is really my phone.. honest. umm lets see.. so yeah . and wow is lagging right now cuz i have a virus scanner running! : /


Well i have finally added the authenticator to my wow account. No i didn't use one of those keychain ones. blizzard has an app for the iphones that does the same job. I never planned on using the authenticator...but it seems more and more lately that i keep hearing horror stories of people accounts being hacked. more reason to hate gold farmers!!! so as a side note.. any of you buying gold, are only buying someone elses hard work that was stolen from them. back to subject.. i was wrking.. ahem. on photoshop. so that i can start making this blog a little prettier. and i got infected by a trojan. that was the straw that broke the camels back per say.. and now i have that kinda annoying.. xtra protection to my wow account. at least this way i wont have to worry about logging in one day.. to find my characters naked, and all of my gold sold off.

star trek

So I went and saw Star Trek tonight.. and i gotta say. that movie was awesome! Now I'm not an old Star Trek fan, but the movies special effects were stunning, and had some scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat. For me the movie went by very quick, but erica said it had a couple slow parts for her in the beginning. I give this movie a solid 5/5, but as for replay value.. i'd have to say it could get old. Anybody looking to see ..should.. while it is still in theaters. I'm sure that both old star trek fans, and non "trekies" ;P .. will find this movie good. Although if you disagree..or agree even. lemme know.

I'm back!

Ahhh.. so after a little hiatus, I'm finally back and working on my blog.  I've always wanted to use my blog as my main site for keeping everything, but I've never been able to keep myself motivated enough to keep it updated.  Well I recently found out that I can publish my twitter updates to this blog, and now I'm excited enough that imah keep this blog going.  I don't expect this blog to have very much attention, but it'll be cool to post some daily happenings up here... or just various funny or wow related stories up here.  I also posted a link to my photo blog, which I was gonna keep hidden, but decided to put it up.  Photo's aren't that great.... but hey.. I'm not an expert.  But anyone interested, I do have some cool links to various photo sites on that blog.  I should probably get to work, or I could keep myself up on here all day tweaking with things.