Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm back!

Ahhh.. so after a little hiatus, I'm finally back and working on my blog.  I've always wanted to use my blog as my main site for keeping everything, but I've never been able to keep myself motivated enough to keep it updated.  Well I recently found out that I can publish my twitter updates to this blog, and now I'm excited enough that imah keep this blog going.  I don't expect this blog to have very much attention, but it'll be cool to post some daily happenings up here... or just various funny or wow related stories up here.  I also posted a link to my photo blog, which I was gonna keep hidden, but decided to put it up.  Photo's aren't that great.... but hey.. I'm not an expert.  But anyone interested, I do have some cool links to various photo sites on that blog.  I should probably get to work, or I could keep myself up on here all day tweaking with things.

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