Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yayy! I was able to buy my blizzcon tickets online! This will be the first year that I will be going. After what happened last year, I was a little panicky on how things would work out today with tickets. I had myself braced to see that freaking little fail lock.. or to see the site freeze all of a sudden and just all out crash. But surprisingly things ran very smooth, despite it still being a little hectic. The link to buy tickets was posted 2 mins before they were slated to be released, and I was already in the 1300 position in que by the time it clicked over! XD The que system itself was pretty slick. It told you your position in que, time left until you hit the front of the ling (although pretty inaccurate), and it also had a bar on the left showing how many tickets were left. I can say that by 12:14...have of the tickets were already gone. From what i read on they were already in like the 20,000's not long after 10. That's just freaking crazy. Oh wells, the main thing is that I finally get to go this year. Now all I have to do, is provide the names of everyone going with me by June. Then it's just the waiting game until then. Hmmm perhaps come June, I should look for a hotel near the convention. With this economic crises we are in..maybe i can get a room for cheap ;) . (is that wrong to think that :P)

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