Thursday, May 14, 2009


wow i've been blogging like hell today..what is this like my 4th post. it'll slow down.. just gimme like a couple days! :P so yeah i just wanted to of this moment. tech sucks!! s-u-c-k-s.. it just doesn't wanna work for me today. photoshop just doesn't wanna run. i keep getting stuck at the licsense accept screen that keeps resetting. i think i'm gonna need to restart my computer for that. plus im running a virus scanner right now.. thanks to that trojan that hit earlier. im paranoid now. my precious iphone started getting some crappy service. Kept hearing this jarbling sound. then my phone would cut out. of course she's having an "emotional" day.. so "i don't wanna talk to her".. <-- it is really my phone.. honest. umm lets see.. so yeah . and wow is lagging right now cuz i have a virus scanner running! : /

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