Friday, June 05, 2009

I think about..

I think about you
time and again

I think about the day you left
did you really have to go?

I think about my new loves and losses
nothing changes

I think about those days
when the world wasn't so strange

I think about your smile
it gave strength to win all battles

I think about your caress
how i've never felt so safe

I think about you now
living your life

I think about your happiness
with this other guy

I think about your sadness
when he breaks your heart

I think about your desires
how i wish to make them true

I think about the miles between us
your so far away

I think about your future
what are you planning?

I think about my life...
it can only be a life with you


Thursday, June 04, 2009

QQ Moar!

I've decided that I should blog about my WoW life as well. Maybe like once a week or so I can throw an update up here. It'll give me something to blog about, when there is nothing else.

I'm going to be leaving my guild soon on my main character. I've decided that I'm never going to get anywhere if I stay. I belong to Decay on the Greymane server. They are a very good guild, and the guild leader is good at tanking and managing groups. The problem lies within the fact that there is a lot of favoritism in the guild. I'm not just speaking for myself, but other new people are being chosen over older members to join in on Ulduar runs. We don't even do Naxx 25 anymore, even though some people in the guild could use the gear. I had a chance at getting T7.5 shoulders and they got passed to another mage, because he was someones best friend. I found that out after talking to a couple of officers who left not long after the incident. They had been arguing that I deserved the shoulders. BTW, that mage is now full T7.5, and currently getting Ulduar gear. I hardly get to run anymore, and so many people are starting to leave the guild. 25 mans are out of the question, and they really only have their 10 man Ulduar group. I am now the only mage left, other than the one best friend. They will not cycle people in either to help out. I'm going to join another guild that will have experiences players, on a more social scale. Hopefully with the experience comes maturity, but also a comfortable place to be while I play. In joining the new guild I hope to also grow with them, as I have experienced before that it is great to grow with a guild.

I also have to call out wolverine on the chromaggus server, you suck balls. I was playing on my DK named tohaku. Yes my DK shares the same name as my mage. So anyways, wolverine, kept fckn with me while I was questing. I'll find you again, and I'll get kill you when I do. I will kill you, and corpse camp you. And I will not leave you alone for the longest time. I'll follow you on my mount, and get you when your fighting a you did me. Stalkerish, yes, but I love payback.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The light in my window

i would look up to you
my guiding star
you would light my window
when the world was dark

shadows appear, across my face
as if a disease
vines take your place
day by day
they swallow your light
vines of doubt and confusion
i try to fight

how i long for the sun
my world in ice,
a battle not won
my life to pay the price

you again i will hold
one by one,
i drive away the cold

now i close my eyes


Donkey Kong High Score

Some of you may remember the classic donkey, which is way different than the donkey kong today. In the old one, donkey kong was the evil one, that mario would have to save the princess from. Well so far the highest score in this donkey kong, is 1,050,200. That's a lot of points. This year, Steve Wiebe tried his hand at beating that title and failed. It took place at this years E3 convention, amongst many set backs. His highest score out 4 attempts, was 989,400 points. This is lower than his 1,000,200 points scored last year at the open e commerce convention. It's to bad he didn't win it, the prize was going to be 10,001 dollars in quarters. Now that's a lot of quarters!!

Map of USA Nuke Sites

I read this in my email this morning. Basically the US drew up a 256 pg document, detailing where all of the Nuke sites, as well as materials for those nukes, are stored. They were drawing up the report for a UN group, aimed at making sure no country is going to secretly try and develop stuff. The document, although not classified, was put up on the government printing office website after being submitted to congress for review. It was taken down right after the NY Times got wind of it, and called to enquir for more. Some say it's just a mistake and that it's not a breath in security. Others say that this is putting highly sensitive US information out there for anyone wanting that information. I agree with the later that it's not very good to have all of our missle silos and storage facilities on display over the web. As most people know, as soon as it hits the web, it is there to stay. You can always find it on some sites cache, or some other site who nagged it before it was taken down. Isn't it in the movies where we see terrorists go for nuclear materials and then investigators say it must be someone on this inside, because it's a highly secret location. Well now all they have to do is google it. <--ik some of you just loaded google up and tried.... didn't cha ;)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

moving to a new address

So anyone who reads this may notice something different within the next 3 days. My blog is now registered to it's own domain at

I have made this move because I need some of the services offered with this upgrade, as well as continue my learning experience. The good news is that when this change is put into effect, I can make this site work for those using IE.

All traffic going to, will be forwarded to So anybody wishing to use the old address, may. Now let's just hope I take advantage of the extra tools available to my fingertips ;)

What I Think

Why do so many people have to use internet explorer, I mean come on! The browser has soooo many security flaws in it. Microsoft is good about sending out updates, and staying on top of exploits found by crackers; but why not trade your browser for something a little more forgiving that hasn't been hacked yet. The last I check, neither firefox nor google chrome had been cracked. Google chrome was hacked, but due to it being sandbox and having two layers of software needing cracking, it has yet to be breached.
IE irks me so much. It gave me problems when I used to use it, and it always picked up so much spyware. Then when it was gone off my computer, I had to convince other people ik to take it off of theirs, and then they loved me for it. I was liberating them from chains of IE, and they really saw a difference. Now when everyone ik has been converted, and IE is long off of my computer, it is back haunting me again. It formats my blog soooo crappy, and now I'm wasting my time trying to figure out a way to block anyone with an IE browser. Ik that's not smart, but I currently can't upload a separate style sheet for them, nor do I choose to change what I currently have. I wont stop teaching myself and trying to figure out how to solve this, but it's irksome.
Microsoft, I don't really care that you have this whole monopoly on the biz, but can you get your browser up on par with the rest of these out there. Your browser is the "only" browser not compatible out of all of them. I also understand that since you are the dominating power, that all crackers tend to focus all of their energy on your software, but ugh! I am still cheering for firefox to become top browser in the world, and thankfully they are starting to get there.

eminem gets @$$ in his face!

For those that didn't know, @$$= ass ;) just making sure we are on the same page here

So yes you did read that right, eminem gets bruno ass, all up in his grill. I'm sure that everyone in the blogosphere has talked all about it, and that I'm a little late, but it was still to f'ckn hilarious not to talk about it. Basically, during the grammys, Bruno flys in with angel wings and his but hanging out the back. When he gets above eminems seat, Bruno starts having problems with his harness. He was also saying something like my poopie, but do correct me if I'm wrong. He then proceeds to fall face first into eminems lap, straddling his head. Eminem looks hella pissed with his face 2 inches from Brunos butt crack. After Bruno is taken off of eminem, Em storms out of the event.

Now after doing research and reading up on what happened, it has come out that the whole event was stage, so eminem was on it the whole time. But you should see that look on the crowds faces, like OMG is that really happening. I bet some were snickering like payback! for what he should them doing in his vids.

If you would like to see the vid. here is a link to it on youtube

New Jinx Shirts

The above image I must say is totally awesome. This is the design on the front of one of jinxes new t-shirts. In an RP since, it's really cool. My main is a mage, but I never cared to much for the shirts with the mage symbol. They were a little to boring. This one is cool, because your saying that you graduated from a mage university, a prestigious one at that. I've already decided that I must get this for blizzcon. The good thing is, I can order it here on the web, and then just pick it up at the same time I pick up my blizzcon tickets.

Another shirt that looked pretty wowsome, was the new death knight shirt. They are the new class to the scene, so it's about time they get their own shirt. I must say that it totally shows up any of the other class shirts out there. If I was a dk, I'd buy it.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Screw this

I found this image while searching for my Lain picture that I used in the last post. The pr0n stars name is also Lain, so that explains her showing up along with the 20 other Lain pr0n stars that also showed up in google search. I saw this image and immediately knew I wanted to post it on here. I understand that same people get off on certain things, but there is no way you would catch me floating in a pool and tied to the floater. I could so easily see that thing tipping along with me tied to it. Now I know she probably has a team of people standing off to the side, but that doesn't mean she wont get the mess scared out of her. Anyways, I blacked out certain parts of the image. There's no reason to start putting an adult filter on my blog now is there.

new banner and layout!

Hmmm, it is one o'clock in the morning. That means that I have technically missed one full day of posting. This is my first day missed since coming back to this blog, that's pretty good actually! Well let me explain the image first for those who don't know it. This is a picture of Lain, from the anime series Lain. It's kinda hard to tell, but she's tangled up in computer cords. This is right around the time where the world in the anime fell all to hell, and Lain was pretty much losing her mind. This anime was weird from the start, but it got weirder with every episode watched.

As for my blog, I have done a few changes that I'm happy with and some that I would like to do better. I have a new banner, obviously. I saw this pic and thought it would fit perfectly with my blog. I was wayyy tired of the mario one, plus the mario one was only supposed to be a temporary place holder. This new one has an older, yet more artistic feel to it. I also cleaned up the code a little bit. I want the page to load smoothly, so I decreased the amount of posts per page to 6, rather than 7 days worth which it was on. Depending on how much I post, that's close to the same amount, but some days I post more than once.

One major thing I need to work on, is to get my blog set up right to work on Internet Explorer. I hate that browser and don't feel particularly motivated to make my blog suitable for it, but around 99% of computer users rely on Internet Explorer. Thankfully that number is a lot lower now, thankfully, but IE still has a hold on the market. I'd hate to try to show someone my blog, and then have it load all funky thanks to IE being a dud.