Sunday, May 31, 2009

new banner and layout!

Hmmm, it is one o'clock in the morning. That means that I have technically missed one full day of posting. This is my first day missed since coming back to this blog, that's pretty good actually! Well let me explain the image first for those who don't know it. This is a picture of Lain, from the anime series Lain. It's kinda hard to tell, but she's tangled up in computer cords. This is right around the time where the world in the anime fell all to hell, and Lain was pretty much losing her mind. This anime was weird from the start, but it got weirder with every episode watched.

As for my blog, I have done a few changes that I'm happy with and some that I would like to do better. I have a new banner, obviously. I saw this pic and thought it would fit perfectly with my blog. I was wayyy tired of the mario one, plus the mario one was only supposed to be a temporary place holder. This new one has an older, yet more artistic feel to it. I also cleaned up the code a little bit. I want the page to load smoothly, so I decreased the amount of posts per page to 6, rather than 7 days worth which it was on. Depending on how much I post, that's close to the same amount, but some days I post more than once.

One major thing I need to work on, is to get my blog set up right to work on Internet Explorer. I hate that browser and don't feel particularly motivated to make my blog suitable for it, but around 99% of computer users rely on Internet Explorer. Thankfully that number is a lot lower now, thankfully, but IE still has a hold on the market. I'd hate to try to show someone my blog, and then have it load all funky thanks to IE being a dud.

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