Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Jinx Shirts

The above image I must say is totally awesome. This is the design on the front of one of jinxes new t-shirts. In an RP since, it's really cool. My main is a mage, but I never cared to much for the shirts with the mage symbol. They were a little to boring. This one is cool, because your saying that you graduated from a mage university, a prestigious one at that. I've already decided that I must get this for blizzcon. The good thing is, I can order it here on the web, and then just pick it up at the same time I pick up my blizzcon tickets.

Another shirt that looked pretty wowsome, was the new death knight shirt. They are the new class to the scene, so it's about time they get their own shirt. I must say that it totally shows up any of the other class shirts out there. If I was a dk, I'd buy it.

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