Sunday, May 31, 2009

Screw this

I found this image while searching for my Lain picture that I used in the last post. The pr0n stars name is also Lain, so that explains her showing up along with the 20 other Lain pr0n stars that also showed up in google search. I saw this image and immediately knew I wanted to post it on here. I understand that same people get off on certain things, but there is no way you would catch me floating in a pool and tied to the floater. I could so easily see that thing tipping along with me tied to it. Now I know she probably has a team of people standing off to the side, but that doesn't mean she wont get the mess scared out of her. Anyways, I blacked out certain parts of the image. There's no reason to start putting an adult filter on my blog now is there.

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