Thursday, June 04, 2009

QQ Moar!

I've decided that I should blog about my WoW life as well. Maybe like once a week or so I can throw an update up here. It'll give me something to blog about, when there is nothing else.

I'm going to be leaving my guild soon on my main character. I've decided that I'm never going to get anywhere if I stay. I belong to Decay on the Greymane server. They are a very good guild, and the guild leader is good at tanking and managing groups. The problem lies within the fact that there is a lot of favoritism in the guild. I'm not just speaking for myself, but other new people are being chosen over older members to join in on Ulduar runs. We don't even do Naxx 25 anymore, even though some people in the guild could use the gear. I had a chance at getting T7.5 shoulders and they got passed to another mage, because he was someones best friend. I found that out after talking to a couple of officers who left not long after the incident. They had been arguing that I deserved the shoulders. BTW, that mage is now full T7.5, and currently getting Ulduar gear. I hardly get to run anymore, and so many people are starting to leave the guild. 25 mans are out of the question, and they really only have their 10 man Ulduar group. I am now the only mage left, other than the one best friend. They will not cycle people in either to help out. I'm going to join another guild that will have experiences players, on a more social scale. Hopefully with the experience comes maturity, but also a comfortable place to be while I play. In joining the new guild I hope to also grow with them, as I have experienced before that it is great to grow with a guild.

I also have to call out wolverine on the chromaggus server, you suck balls. I was playing on my DK named tohaku. Yes my DK shares the same name as my mage. So anyways, wolverine, kept fckn with me while I was questing. I'll find you again, and I'll get kill you when I do. I will kill you, and corpse camp you. And I will not leave you alone for the longest time. I'll follow you on my mount, and get you when your fighting a you did me. Stalkerish, yes, but I love payback.

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Karen said...

I haven't played any WOW but i heard that it is a cool game...i used to play an online game which is called Perfect World along with other old online games i had been addicted to. But i know how fun it is to be in a guild. Now i'm reading this it reminded me of the times i still played but now i'm laying low on it.But cool! oh btw thanks for following me :)