Tuesday, June 02, 2009

eminem gets @$$ in his face!

For those that didn't know, @$$= ass ;) just making sure we are on the same page here

So yes you did read that right, eminem gets bruno ass, all up in his grill. I'm sure that everyone in the blogosphere has talked all about it, and that I'm a little late, but it was still to f'ckn hilarious not to talk about it. Basically, during the grammys, Bruno flys in with angel wings and his but hanging out the back. When he gets above eminems seat, Bruno starts having problems with his harness. He was also saying something like my poopie, but do correct me if I'm wrong. He then proceeds to fall face first into eminems lap, straddling his head. Eminem looks hella pissed with his face 2 inches from Brunos butt crack. After Bruno is taken off of eminem, Em storms out of the event.

Now after doing research and reading up on what happened, it has come out that the whole event was stage, so eminem was on it the whole time. But you should see that look on the crowds faces, like OMG is that really happening. I bet some were snickering like payback! for what he should them doing in his vids.

If you would like to see the vid. here is a link to it on youtube

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