Friday, August 07, 2009

Speak Murloc!

Did you ever wish you could speak like a Murloc??? Well I stumbled across someones blog today who had their very own murloc translator! It translate english into murloc, and murloc into english. I recommend giving her translator and blog a try.


Murloc Translator


I've done it! I've finally done it! I now have my very own ventrilo server. I don't belong to any major guild that needs it, but I've always wanted one for my day to day musings and for my friends to use.

So chris, what is a ventrilo server? Well a ventrilo server allows users to log in by using a client, and be able to talk to other people on the server. If you play games online, or belong to some team for that game, then more than likely you have experience using this service.

People log onto a ventrilo server with the host name and port number. You have the option of requiring a pwd, or leaving it open. Personally, mine isn't pwd protected, except for the admin accounts. This allows for friends, and friends of friends, to easily log in at any time. I leave it to myself and my admins to kick or ban anyone who is abusing the server, or being offensive to other people.

If you look along the right, you can find the widget which shows what's going on inside my ventrilo. It's slow, ik, but I just got it! But when you look at it, you can see that there are various channels. There is a channel for everyone to just chill and talk as one big group. There are also 2 group channels for anyone who may be questing or raiding, and need to communicate tactics without interruption from the rest of the people in vent. Lastly, there is an admin channel. This channel only admins have access to. This allows for discussions pertaining to the server and the people using it, without them interrupting. It also allows for a spot to pull an average user into to talk to them about behavior that you feel is offensive or inappropriate. I am contemplating on adding 3 more channels for arena, per my brothers request.