Friday, January 22, 2010


So here's a quick demo of the UStream app here on my blog. I was undecided whether I should post my youtube channel or my ustream channel... but ultimately ustream was a lot cooler. If you take a look at the ustream app, more than likely it says it's offline and will have links to past videos. If it says someone is online and has a play button, then that means I am currently streaming something live from my webcam or iphone. I don't even have to save the video for it to show on ustream, I can just be streaming it live on my phone, and the best part, it's free! :) When you watch the video embedded below, keep an eye on the ustream app in the video.. you will be able to get an idea on how it works with my phone.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clannad=Greatest Anime Ever!

This is an anime series that I recently finished watching, and I have to say that it was amazing. This is by far one of my top favorites, and one I wouldn't mind watching again. I found the above video on youtube, and mad props to the poster, cuz those are some of the best songs off the OST. This is on my to buy list.. although only the first season is out on DVD. You would have to watch fansubs to see the second season. It's to bad that there is no english manga for this out. If you want to see more info on this anime, click the link in the sidebar to the right. It's listed under anime of the year. It'll take you straight to an info page for this anime.

Oh and fair warning, this will probably be one of the saddest animes you have ever seen. So if you cry, don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Going through changes

Seems like I just posted something like this recently :P But I'm currently wrking on changing the theme of my blog. I have an idea sketched down on paper, so now I just have to take that sketch and apply it to the web. The blog may look disorganized until the end of the week because I'll be wrking on it in splotches. I'll be adding a list of changes to this post as they happen to the blog.

List of changes
backed up old them
new them uploaded
set up sidebar formatting
added ustream!
added some widgets
worked on navbar
more cleanup
wrking on new header
Search Engine Optimization