Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monterey Bay

So it's like 11:15 here right now, and I can't sleep. Lol, this is what I get for staying up all night last night raiding sunwell. Now my body thinks this is the normal time.

Well, anyways, I'm in Monterey Bay right now. We are staying in the Travelodge Inn. I was really lucky to get this room, because it's pretty close to the water, about a 5 min drive from cannery cove. Although now as I'm typing this, I already see the biggest downfall of this hotel... the gas station right in front! Not that I'm complaining, but it always sounds like a party right outside my door. There is a weird sound like every couple seconds. I really don't think this town ever sleeps, but then again.. it is memorial day weekend.. friday night.. and I'm the one at the computer. lol. I think Erica's biggest problem were the girls giggling next door. Although while Erica was complaining about the girls, I was secretly plotting my master plan on throwing our conjoined doors open, and having a little 2 room party. This was in my head though, I grumbled in agreement to Erri, and then I went back to watching the history of Dale Earnheart movie on tv.

The day has been great so far. Not very sunny, but just how I like it :P . After getting to the hotel around 4 and resting for a bit; we ended up walking around cannery row, to get a feel for the place. Luckily, it wasn't as packed as I thought it would be. The largest group of people we saw, were leaving the aquarium. We ended up eating clam chowder and sitting by the beach. We also saw the movie Sharks in 3D, at the local Imax. This was my very first Imax movie, and I have to say I was both disappointed and impressed at the same time. Firstly, I was amazed by the ginormous size of the screen, and the 3D effects of the film were very good in parts. The only thing that bothered me, was that the movie didn't offer enough facts. It didn't even have any action to make up for the lack of facts. That was a big disappointment. After the movie, we had some Ghirardelli hot chocolate, and sat on their dock overlooking the water for a good hour and a half.

Well I should get off of here now and try to get some sleep so that I can have energy in the morning. Erica tends to drag me out of bed against my will. All of my pics so far have been uploaded to my flickr. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some better ones, since I'll be using Erica's Nikon D80. I swear... I don't get what i want out of my camera no more..haha. <-- although my camera is nice... just lacking the manual features. Well good night all... here they go again outside! xP every time i hear people, I get the urge to go out and check on my car. But then I remember we took Erica's car, that is parked in the parking

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Pope is on facebook

So I had a rather bit of interesting news in my inbox this morning. The Pope is now on facebook. Rather he has his own website, where he provides an application for facebook. This allows them to better "connect" with the "youth" on the web. Honestly when I read this, I couldn't help but keep thinking about Angels and Demons. Because in that movie, it was a heavy debate in the vatican about how they need to modernize more. I'm not religouse in any sense, but I do think it's a great idea. Instead of saying the internet is blasphemous, you should use it as a medium to connect with everyone in the world. The Pope also issued a statement that if they would have used the internet more, they would have known about the issues with the cardinal who spoke bad about the Jews .. or something like that. I forgot the points of it already. But I think that the Pope wants it to be more known and common in peoples lives. Cuz im sure some of you agree, the vatican has some very shaky history, and keeps a lot of secrets from those who believe in them. I could not trust a faceless operation like that.

So anyways if you want, his site is they have a link to his youtube, and his facebook application. Hmmm I don't see god in his top friends list. I think they broke up!

Iphone Ringtone How To

this is also a trick that is used on songs without DRM protection.  So these would be songs off of cd's that you ripped, or acquired through a friend *cough*

-first you have scrounge your library for that epic song you want

-next, right click on the song and click get info

-search through the tabs until you find the one where you can change your songs starting and ending time

-ringtones can only be 40 seconds or less.  so for my epic metallica intro, i checked the box on starting time and left it at zero.  Then I checked the box for ending time, and set it at 0:40.

-you can close that box now that your times are set

-next right click on the song, and select convert to AAC.  You will see a duplicate file made of the same name, but only 40 seconds long.

-Now go back to your original song and uncheck those timing boxes, you don't want your song stuck on that guitar solo do u??  ;)

-Now drag your duplicate song from your itunes --> onto your desktop,  and delete it from your library

-Now change the extension of your duplicate to .m4r ... cuz right now it should be like .m4* something.

-once you've change the extension, go ahead and drag the ringtone back to your library.

- When you drag it over, you'll see that library is highlighted, and once you drop the ringtone in your library it will autmatically show in your ringtones folder.

- Now make sure you have your iphone set to sync ringtones, and sync away.

Hope this helped at least one person out there, cuz i know this is something i've wanted to do for the longest time.  If anyone has a problem, lemme know and we can figure it out ;)


So I went to a bowling tournament with a few people from my work.  I did really good so it was a blast.  I honestly was worried that i'd do horrible, and that I'd drag our teams score down really low.  I don't bowl.. and haven't bowled in a year.. and before that.. in like what.. 5 years!  I've only ever bowled like 6 times in  my whole life, most of which when I was a kid and my dad would take me.  My team ended up having the second or third highest score out of hella schools.  Now it wasn't professional bowling, and none of the teams waited for other teams to bowl first like they do in the big leagues. 

  In this photo starting from left to right, George, Katy(cousin), Dan(Katy's Husband), Melissa, Me!, Bossman Kevin(Katy's dad).  Lol ik ik, most of us are family xP.  

  Lol, what's with me cheesing in all of my group photos.  Melissa grabbed my boob in this photo, that's why we're all cracking up.

  Yess, me throwing up signs.. haha. nah just watching my ball working on my telepathic powers.  GO RIGHT, GO RIGHT!!


  If this is the photo I think it is, then I got a strike!  Haha, I got a strike on the first two rolls, and I also got like 5 strikes in this game.  3 of the strikes were in a row!  That look on my face is like. NO WAY!  IT's ROLLING STRAIGHT!


Thursday, May 21, 2009


This Saturday my photo portfolio is due for class, so yesterday I decided to go take some pictures. Ik ik, woww I'm getting an early start, but the real reason was that yesterday was the last day I could use the Nikon D80 I borrowed from the colleges photo department. Yes you read that right, a Nikon D80! Those cameras are really nice, it just takes a while to get used to them and learn all of the features. I have to laugh, cuz I was telling my little sister how a great photographer never needs flash. I was like it just ruins your image! Now if you change these settings just like this, it'll look really nice. xP I'm bi far not a good photographer, but it is nice to have taken this class. Now every time I see a photo, I can pick out elements where I go this or that is nice.
So any ways I here are a few pics from yesterday. The top one is of a cow who at first wasn't very afraid of me, and kept walking closer. I was so excited I took like a million photos of just him, ever so slightly changing the camera settings for each photo. I wanted to pull out the best detail I could while he was close. Below, I have a picture of a calf, who was curious about what I was doing. Below that, I have a picture of a very white washed scene. This is a bad photo that looks good. I had taken it while showing my sis the different settings on the camera. The white washyness just makes the photo look really dreamy, that's why I like it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Granny Scammers

I heard this story on the radio today as I was leaving the college, and had to check it out as soon as I got home. Basically there is a big thing right now where grandparents are being called up by people pretending to be their grandkids. The pretenders then tell the grandparents a concocted story of how they are in jail, or in an accident and need money right away. They come up with a convincing story, and with a since of urgency and the grandparents love for the grandchild, they are had. Most are convinced not to say anything to the rest of the family until they arrive. Although the grandparents never get that notification of the arrival, and find out about the scam as soon as they talk to their real grandson. I had never heard of scamming grandparents like this before, but this is pretty low. I believe it was around 120 something complaints were reported. All of the money was wired to canada.

One key thing to note when receiving this phone call, is that the caller insists on the secrecy which is a major lightbulb going off. Also...verify...verify..verify. What ever happened to call id and *69?? But I guess that can be easily spoofed now too.. heck i've spoofed phone calls to mess with people :P

update update!!

So I have been doing a lot of work on this blog lately. I didn't even play wow last night thanks to me staying up til 12 whilst studying how to program in CSS. See what happens when I delete my geocities account (wow ik old) and now I can't program in any new web languages. Man I was getting pretty good with geocities when I was in Middle School and the only way to do things was through html. But I like this's very simple to do things in, i just have to get the hang of it.

well this post was to talk about current changes to the site. primarily don't worry about the link bar up top. that is currently in development. I've have spent a couple of days on and off trying to figure out how to get it to work. The only link there that works is my photos link, which will transfer you to my flickr account. My flickr account is new... so it wont have to much up on it just yet. I am also adding, after I post this, a my share box. This will have links to everything I have a profile in. This will allow me to do with this blog what I originally intended, and that is to make this my center hub of everything else I got. I also have a tracker on this site, so that i may see how many one or two of you people who visit this site, and just why the hell you even visit it. Although i still gotta toy with that tracker a little bit :/ And lastly! drum roll!!! I got some music and borders on the blog now too! The borders helped me clean the blog up a little bit. and I just love my ipod over on the side!

------UPDATE! ------

All of the links work except for the "blog links" link.  I also added a sweet ass anime clock. and some minor layout changes :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

if you love me


ok ok.. maybe you don't love me.. but if u want to help me out.. click that banner up top. yeah yeah ik it's a bit messy. blame that on mountain dew. so any ways.. it'd be great for whomever reads this to click it and then to come back once a day.and click it again! if you do i promise to bring you to blizzcon with me.. that is if i win the trip.. as in 2 more tickets.. paid air fare.. and a hotel room. which i already got..but can cancel. and if i win anything else.. umm i'll buy u ^_^ so who loves me out there! *crickets* : /

Sunday, May 17, 2009


So I was cleaning my room today.. yeah yeah ik.. finally.. and i stumbled upon and old folder of mine with all of my old artwork. I had brought it to my moms when I moved out of my dads.. and it's been sitting at the bottom of a drawer since. Not to be conceded or anything... but i think that a lot of my old drawings were very good. I remember when i first started drawing, and it's all because of monster rancher! LoL.. i dunno if any of u remember that anime wayy back when.. but i used to really love that anime. It was part of my morning routine.. so you can imagine my dismay when they moved the time to a later time of the day. Being the resource kid i was, i went and bought a bunch of recordable VHS tapes.. you know kids. the stuff that existed before dvd's. and i set up my VCR to record my shows while i was away in school. I would watch the tapes when I got home from class.. and all chores done.

So the drawing really started out of no where. I was just sitting there watching one of the episodes. when i was like omg! i really like the look on holly's face. After that i had a love afair with that little character. Every time i would watch the show, i'd wait for the most perfect scene, and then pause the tape. Then i'd draw a perfect depiction of the scene off my tv. you may think that's cheating cuz i wasn't coming up with the scene on my own, but it was these scenes that inspired me to draw them. This was inherited to other animes.. and i would look for the best signs of emotions to draw. little hint.. dragonball z was the worst. Ik a lot of guys liked to draw it, but they never had any emotion in their eyes. well one day i couldn't push myself to draw. I went out side and drew a very nice pic of a flower,.. but that was a i had left in me. i never felt the drive to do draw anything again.. and when i did, i never had the patience. now drawing has become one of those things that it's to bad i never per sued.

so now i ask you.. whoever you may be reading this.. what did u used to do .. that for some reason or other, you couldn't anymore, even though u wanted to?