Friday, May 22, 2009


So I went to a bowling tournament with a few people from my work.  I did really good so it was a blast.  I honestly was worried that i'd do horrible, and that I'd drag our teams score down really low.  I don't bowl.. and haven't bowled in a year.. and before that.. in like what.. 5 years!  I've only ever bowled like 6 times in  my whole life, most of which when I was a kid and my dad would take me.  My team ended up having the second or third highest score out of hella schools.  Now it wasn't professional bowling, and none of the teams waited for other teams to bowl first like they do in the big leagues. 

  In this photo starting from left to right, George, Katy(cousin), Dan(Katy's Husband), Melissa, Me!, Bossman Kevin(Katy's dad).  Lol ik ik, most of us are family xP.  

  Lol, what's with me cheesing in all of my group photos.  Melissa grabbed my boob in this photo, that's why we're all cracking up.

  Yess, me throwing up signs.. haha. nah just watching my ball working on my telepathic powers.  GO RIGHT, GO RIGHT!!


  If this is the photo I think it is, then I got a strike!  Haha, I got a strike on the first two rolls, and I also got like 5 strikes in this game.  3 of the strikes were in a row!  That look on my face is like. NO WAY!  IT's ROLLING STRAIGHT!


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