Friday, May 22, 2009

Iphone Ringtone How To

this is also a trick that is used on songs without DRM protection.  So these would be songs off of cd's that you ripped, or acquired through a friend *cough*

-first you have scrounge your library for that epic song you want

-next, right click on the song and click get info

-search through the tabs until you find the one where you can change your songs starting and ending time

-ringtones can only be 40 seconds or less.  so for my epic metallica intro, i checked the box on starting time and left it at zero.  Then I checked the box for ending time, and set it at 0:40.

-you can close that box now that your times are set

-next right click on the song, and select convert to AAC.  You will see a duplicate file made of the same name, but only 40 seconds long.

-Now go back to your original song and uncheck those timing boxes, you don't want your song stuck on that guitar solo do u??  ;)

-Now drag your duplicate song from your itunes --> onto your desktop,  and delete it from your library

-Now change the extension of your duplicate to .m4r ... cuz right now it should be like .m4* something.

-once you've change the extension, go ahead and drag the ringtone back to your library.

- When you drag it over, you'll see that library is highlighted, and once you drop the ringtone in your library it will autmatically show in your ringtones folder.

- Now make sure you have your iphone set to sync ringtones, and sync away.

Hope this helped at least one person out there, cuz i know this is something i've wanted to do for the longest time.  If anyone has a problem, lemme know and we can figure it out ;)


Ronaldo said...

LOL you knew I going to ask you about the picture.

chris said...

Actually, yes I did Lol. Considering I mainly wrote this post so you could do your ringtone. Did you get it working alright?