Thursday, May 21, 2009


This Saturday my photo portfolio is due for class, so yesterday I decided to go take some pictures. Ik ik, woww I'm getting an early start, but the real reason was that yesterday was the last day I could use the Nikon D80 I borrowed from the colleges photo department. Yes you read that right, a Nikon D80! Those cameras are really nice, it just takes a while to get used to them and learn all of the features. I have to laugh, cuz I was telling my little sister how a great photographer never needs flash. I was like it just ruins your image! Now if you change these settings just like this, it'll look really nice. xP I'm bi far not a good photographer, but it is nice to have taken this class. Now every time I see a photo, I can pick out elements where I go this or that is nice.
So any ways I here are a few pics from yesterday. The top one is of a cow who at first wasn't very afraid of me, and kept walking closer. I was so excited I took like a million photos of just him, ever so slightly changing the camera settings for each photo. I wanted to pull out the best detail I could while he was close. Below, I have a picture of a calf, who was curious about what I was doing. Below that, I have a picture of a very white washed scene. This is a bad photo that looks good. I had taken it while showing my sis the different settings on the camera. The white washyness just makes the photo look really dreamy, that's why I like it.

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