Tuesday, May 19, 2009

update update!!

So I have been doing a lot of work on this blog lately. I didn't even play wow last night thanks to me staying up til 12 whilst studying how to program in CSS. See what happens when I delete my geocities account (wow ik old) and now I can't program in any new web languages. Man I was getting pretty good with geocities when I was in Middle School and the only way to do things was through html. But I like this's very simple to do things in, i just have to get the hang of it.

well this post was to talk about current changes to the site. primarily don't worry about the link bar up top. that is currently in development. I've have spent a couple of days on and off trying to figure out how to get it to work. The only link there that works is my photos link, which will transfer you to my flickr account. My flickr account is new... so it wont have to much up on it just yet. I am also adding, after I post this, a my share box. This will have links to everything I have a profile in. This will allow me to do with this blog what I originally intended, and that is to make this my center hub of everything else I got. I also have a tracker on this site, so that i may see how many one or two of you people who visit this site, and just why the hell you even visit it. Although i still gotta toy with that tracker a little bit :/ And lastly! drum roll!!! I got some music and borders on the blog now too! The borders helped me clean the blog up a little bit. and I just love my ipod over on the side!

------UPDATE! ------

All of the links work except for the "blog links" link.  I also added a sweet ass anime clock. and some minor layout changes :)

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