Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monterey Bay

So it's like 11:15 here right now, and I can't sleep. Lol, this is what I get for staying up all night last night raiding sunwell. Now my body thinks this is the normal time.

Well, anyways, I'm in Monterey Bay right now. We are staying in the Travelodge Inn. I was really lucky to get this room, because it's pretty close to the water, about a 5 min drive from cannery cove. Although now as I'm typing this, I already see the biggest downfall of this hotel... the gas station right in front! Not that I'm complaining, but it always sounds like a party right outside my door. There is a weird sound like every couple seconds. I really don't think this town ever sleeps, but then again.. it is memorial day weekend.. friday night.. and I'm the one at the computer. lol. I think Erica's biggest problem were the girls giggling next door. Although while Erica was complaining about the girls, I was secretly plotting my master plan on throwing our conjoined doors open, and having a little 2 room party. This was in my head though, I grumbled in agreement to Erri, and then I went back to watching the history of Dale Earnheart movie on tv.

The day has been great so far. Not very sunny, but just how I like it :P . After getting to the hotel around 4 and resting for a bit; we ended up walking around cannery row, to get a feel for the place. Luckily, it wasn't as packed as I thought it would be. The largest group of people we saw, were leaving the aquarium. We ended up eating clam chowder and sitting by the beach. We also saw the movie Sharks in 3D, at the local Imax. This was my very first Imax movie, and I have to say I was both disappointed and impressed at the same time. Firstly, I was amazed by the ginormous size of the screen, and the 3D effects of the film were very good in parts. The only thing that bothered me, was that the movie didn't offer enough facts. It didn't even have any action to make up for the lack of facts. That was a big disappointment. After the movie, we had some Ghirardelli hot chocolate, and sat on their dock overlooking the water for a good hour and a half.

Well I should get off of here now and try to get some sleep so that I can have energy in the morning. Erica tends to drag me out of bed against my will. All of my pics so far have been uploaded to my flickr. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some better ones, since I'll be using Erica's Nikon D80. I swear... I don't get what i want out of my camera no more..haha. <-- although my camera is nice... just lacking the manual features. Well good night all... here they go again outside! xP every time i hear people, I get the urge to go out and check on my car. But then I remember we took Erica's car, that is parked in the parking

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