Monday, May 25, 2009

Monterey Bay 2

Ok, this update is going to be a little short and sweet. I just finished watching the Zodiac, and it's already 1:30 in the morning... I'm waking up at 9 to get a move on and get out of here early. So today was the aquarium trip, and it was hella tight. We spent like 5 hours going through that aquarium, and we were draggin heels by the time we left there. We brought Erica's Nikon, and she made me take all of the pictures. Well that was a mistake. I'm willing to bet I drove her crazy,every time I would stop at a fish tank to take like a zillion photographs. I kept finding little areas in the photos that would be underdeveloped or overdeveloped, and I wanted to get the right settings to rectify that. Although drove me crazy with all the people using flash on their cameras. I was like damn don't you see that white light ruining your photo. A couple of times it ruined a really nice shot I had. I blame all of that on my class, now I can't curse the camera when a photo comes out wrong.

The aquarium was pretty much the highlight of the day. We came back to the room to rest, before heading back to Cannery Row, for one more night of hot chocolate next to the water. So anyways I should call it so I can get some sleep. Most of my photos from the trip are on my flickr account, but I'll post a couple here that were my favorites. Oh and a little trivia, the water right in this cove..if drained out.. is deeper than the grand canyon. That pretty interesting when you think of all the stuff that lives down there. Although one word comes to my mind, sharks!

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