Tuesday, May 26, 2009

blogs and bosses, plus motivation to exercise

Well some of you are looking at the above image and thinking.. kawaii!! or your thinking, why the hell did you put this one up. Can you believe I found this picture by searching boss and cartoon, on google. This pic is totally unrelated to the two, well it isn't if you don't have a dirty mind!
This pic goes along with two things I wanted to talk about. The first being what the hell this pic is from. This pic is from (drum roll!), an anime exercising video! LoL, yes you read that right. This video is called Issho ni Training, or in other words, Training with Hinako. In this video, you watch Hinako doing various sorts of exercises. At the same time she does her exercises, you do the same thing. Now all of the otaku lovers out there, can do push ups while watching Hinakos boobs bounce. Yes her boobs bounce while she works out, and the camera is at all of the provocative angles while she exercises. Now before you diss this video, I must say that it made amazons #1 best seller list the week of release. The link can be found hereいっしょにとれーにんぐ-DVD-鈴木行/dp/B0025MGLTA/ref=pd_ts_d_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd

My original intent for this post was not to talk about Hinako (but it was very interesting); it was actually to talk about blogging and it's effect on future employment. This is pretty much old news, but I wanted to blog about it real quick. Basically all of todays youth, up to people in their mid 20's, have been a big part of web 2.0 . Yes web 2.0, you here that term everywhere now. Now that term has nothing to do about the speed of the web. It has to do with all of the social networking sites, and the ease of sharing different types of information with peers and people all across the globe. Everyone now has some sort of social networking site, and it's even expanded to older generations. The problem here is that some companies are using these social sites, to evaluate potential employees. This causes a huge debate on whether employers should judge your employment off of what they find on your blog. You can't really say it's a breach of privacy, I mean you did post your info on the web for millions to see. The problem here is more moral than anything. So now we have to look at who is more morally right, the employer, or the employee. Personally I think the employer should stay off of peoples blogs and social sites. Most people are totally different off the job than on it. Although I'm sure from the employers perspective, that it can really help at times with per say someone who has drug problems. But come on, there are other ways than spying on their social life, to find that out. So if your my employer, leave my blog now! haha..well you don't have to, but don't judge my work performance off what you find here. More than likely.. 99.99% of what's on here is not related to work.

Going back to Hinako, if you'd like to join her for some exercises, here is the youtube link.

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