Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clare Werbeloff

For anyone who doesn't recognize this lady, she "witnessed" a shooting outside of a nightclub in Australia. In racist terms she described a fat guy shooting a skinny guy. Basically the fat guy shot the skinny one for sleeping with his cousin. Her depiction of what happened has been posted all over youtube, and her famous quote, "chk chk boom", has spawned a lot of t-shirts. She's also very hot, and with that accent, she rose to instant internet fame. As soon as she was widely known, she hired a PR agent, and started her own fan club. The kicker of the story.. it was all fake! She made the story up for the news cameras, and says she didn't expect it to get blown up like it did. Although she sure did want all of the camera time, considering she was trying to kick other people off the camera! LoL .
Rumor has it, that she wants to start stripping at one of the nightclubs. Now this is just a rumor, and this is the internet. It's not hard for one "hot" girl rise to fame, and all of a sudden become a "stripper." Although if she were to become a stripper, she'd probably bring a lot of client ale, thanks to her internet fame.

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