Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The future of money

Check out the picture above. That's an electronic monopoly game! Now before you start dissing the idea of making a classic game all electronic, lets look it's merits. Hazbro could really been on to something, something people have been saying for years. That something is making all money electronic.
Ik you read that last statement, and thought omg noooo. But in all serious nous, it may be both cost productive and beneficial to do that. I think the world is already heading there with most people using credit cards for most of their day to day purchases. I myself hardly carry cash anymore. Ik some people like having that cash there in their hand, but just think about all of that change you have sitting around or bills that have been washed or lost. I remember people who would write their names on their money, just so they could see if it comes back to them in the future. Now think of germs that may be spreading, or try to imagine where that money may have been with it's last handler. Money also uses paper, lots of it. Remember a while back that pennies cost more to make than they were worth, because of the copper. Paper money also has a lot of carbon in them, that doesn't sound very green.
If you look at japan, they already have a system in place where people can pay for things just by swiping their cell phones. Hey where is our system at! Now I know that making everything electronic poses a big security risk. But how much more is it going to cost to develop and maintain a security system for these cards, than to print money. I'm willing to bet it would cost a lot less. So think about money that both the government and the consumer could save. Also think about the better impact on the environment, and with the ease of use.

This is just a thought of mine, but I think we are running on a pretty outdated system, that we are going to be left behind in if we don't step it up.

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