Wednesday, May 27, 2009

blog links!!

I've finally succeeded in adding blog links to this blog. I have always wanted blog links, and have spent days researching how to do them. Surprisingly they were easy to do, and right under my nose! I've wanted to implement blog links, because I've noticed that my blog is getting a little full. I have around 24 posts on this site, which amounts to 2.5 pages. I want to reduce the amount of posts to around 6 per page. This way pages load faster. This is going to create more pages to sift through, especially as time goes on and I add more posts. For someone who knows that why want, instead of sifting through hella pages, all they will have to do is use the blog links to find the topic that they want to read. There are 4 topics in my blog links: my life and thoughts, net news, tech help, and blog updates.

I combines all random things and my thoughts in with my life, because they are very closely related. Net news, is random news that I find on the web, as well as actual news, news. Tech help will be any posts that I make describing how to do stuff. For example I may make a post on how to create your very own blog links. ;) Lastly, updates will contain all of the posts like this one, where I describe new things I have added.

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