Sunday, May 17, 2009


So I was cleaning my room today.. yeah yeah ik.. finally.. and i stumbled upon and old folder of mine with all of my old artwork. I had brought it to my moms when I moved out of my dads.. and it's been sitting at the bottom of a drawer since. Not to be conceded or anything... but i think that a lot of my old drawings were very good. I remember when i first started drawing, and it's all because of monster rancher! LoL.. i dunno if any of u remember that anime wayy back when.. but i used to really love that anime. It was part of my morning routine.. so you can imagine my dismay when they moved the time to a later time of the day. Being the resource kid i was, i went and bought a bunch of recordable VHS tapes.. you know kids. the stuff that existed before dvd's. and i set up my VCR to record my shows while i was away in school. I would watch the tapes when I got home from class.. and all chores done.

So the drawing really started out of no where. I was just sitting there watching one of the episodes. when i was like omg! i really like the look on holly's face. After that i had a love afair with that little character. Every time i would watch the show, i'd wait for the most perfect scene, and then pause the tape. Then i'd draw a perfect depiction of the scene off my tv. you may think that's cheating cuz i wasn't coming up with the scene on my own, but it was these scenes that inspired me to draw them. This was inherited to other animes.. and i would look for the best signs of emotions to draw. little hint.. dragonball z was the worst. Ik a lot of guys liked to draw it, but they never had any emotion in their eyes. well one day i couldn't push myself to draw. I went out side and drew a very nice pic of a flower,.. but that was a i had left in me. i never felt the drive to do draw anything again.. and when i did, i never had the patience. now drawing has become one of those things that it's to bad i never per sued.

so now i ask you.. whoever you may be reading this.. what did u used to do .. that for some reason or other, you couldn't anymore, even though u wanted to?

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