Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Map of USA Nuke Sites

I read this in my email this morning. Basically the US drew up a 256 pg document, detailing where all of the Nuke sites, as well as materials for those nukes, are stored. They were drawing up the report for a UN group, aimed at making sure no country is going to secretly try and develop stuff. The document, although not classified, was put up on the government printing office website after being submitted to congress for review. It was taken down right after the NY Times got wind of it, and called to enquir for more. Some say it's just a mistake and that it's not a breath in security. Others say that this is putting highly sensitive US information out there for anyone wanting that information. I agree with the later that it's not very good to have all of our missle silos and storage facilities on display over the web. As most people know, as soon as it hits the web, it is there to stay. You can always find it on some sites cache, or some other site who nagged it before it was taken down. Isn't it in the movies where we see terrorists go for nuclear materials and then investigators say it must be someone on this inside, because it's a highly secret location. Well now all they have to do is google it. <--ik some of you just loaded google up and tried.... didn't cha ;)

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